What are the Applications of High Molecular Weight Plastic?


High molecular weight plastic refers to polythene, or plastic, which have extremely long chains of molecular mass. These long chains help the internal molecular structure become stronger, resulting in a tough, strong material of plastic. This form of plastic has been made to act as a strong and durable form of thermoplastic, being able to take the highest impacts of strength. This form of plastic has several uses and applications in different industries.


The Various Applications of High Molecular Weight Plastic:

Medical Application: Since this form of thermoplastic is said to be extremely strong, sturdy and durable, it has been used for medical applications for several decades now. Recently, this form of thermoplastic is being used as a biomaterial for standard hip replacement surgeries. These materials can also be used as extremely strong quality fibers and can be also used as medical grade fibers for surgical applications.

Manufacturing Application: This form of plastic has found many uses in the manufacturing industry as well. The material can be used in the manufacture of other materials together, such as PVC for doors, windows and other uses. This plastic can be used as filler for these PVC or vinyl materials to be put under severe heat and then bent to form other structures. Since the plastic is able to stand extreme heat, it protects the PVC material, allowing it to be bent to form other useful shapes or forms. Apart from that, people can also bent and mold these plastic to develop their desire shape and they can use these products for their domestic and commercial sectors.

High Molecular Weight Plastic
High Molecular Weight Plastic

Electronic or Office Application: The plastic is able to withstand severe corrosion and abrasive conditions. This is why, high molecular weight plastics have good application for electronic and office appliances, such as parts of bearings, rollers for toner transfer, noiseless gears for electric appliances, PPC toner scraper holders, worm gears for video cameras, printing paper holding parts, and many such useful applications. The reason is because the plastic has a great abrasion resistance, is practically noiseless and has great sliding properties, making it an ideal material for manufacture of electronic applications.

Automotive Application: The plastic has extremely high endurance, along with sliding properties and high wear resistance, making it a perfect match for automotive applications. High molecular weight plastics are used for automotive parts such as seat belt parts, assist strap parts, gas run channels, etc. These plastics can also used for making other materials to be used to automotive safety parts or devices.

Building Application: High molecular weight polythene has great chemical resistance properties. This along with properties such as a hygienic quality, sliding properties, noiseless and non abrasion properties are what makes this material great for building materials as well as other general applications. High molecular weight plastics can be used for making rollers for automatic massagers, rails for furniture, valve parts, and motor bearings for vending machines, chains and belts for the food industry or other belt process industries.

Molecular Weight Plastic
Molecular Weight Plastic

What are the Advantages of Using High Molecular Weight Polythene?

1. The plastic material is self-lubricating, which means that it has non-stick properties. This can be very useful for several parts or applications, as mentioned above.

2. The plastic is very easy to assemble, produce, and is quite economical.

3. The high molecular weight plastics have a very high melting point, almost of 160 degrees Celsius, making them apt for using as a part of other materials which require to go through high temperatures to be made.

4. Very resistant to breaking, cracking and abrasion.

5. Non-staining properties.

High molecular weight plastic can thus be used for several applications in different industries, simply due to their great properties. There are many factors to consider, before you purchase the molecular weight polythene. You can search from the online portals to get an idea about the sizes, the types and the cost of the molecular weight polythene.