The New Delivery Trends Impacting on the Postal Service


With e-commerce parcel delivery meaning the demand for faster and more efficient parcel delivery service is greater than ever before, the postal service is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with the demand. Here are some of the newest trends to make sure you’re aware of all the developments to give your business the best chance of success when it comes to establishing the type of delivery service you’d like to offer:

Efficient Parcel Delivery Service
Efficient Parcel Delivery Service

Parcel Lockers and Pick Up Points

One of the key things customers want from a delivery service is convenience and couriers soon realised this, by inventing parcel lockers and designated pick up points from which customers can collect their parcels. The parcel points mean that there’s no chance of missing your delivery and you can organise a collection time for picking up your delivery which works around you. This makes collecting deliveries for people who work long hours a breeze.

Same Day Delivery

The newest trend that many couriers are starting to offer is a same day delivery service. Similarly, to the way in which parcel delivery lockers help customers to organise deliveries around when is convenient for them, a same day delivery service can be organised for a specific hour. This is perhaps the trend that’s most likely to continue with more and more couriers starting to offer the service in order to keep up with the competition. Take a look at all of the options available at Parcel2go for some of the best prices.

Ddelivery Service
Ddelivery Service

Own Brand Delivery Services

One of the biggest new trends that’s starting to shake up the delivery industry is the development of large retailer’s own brand delivery services. Companies like Amazon have already started building their own delivery service but with the intention of working with the existing courier companies to manage the periods of high demand.

Drone Deliveries

Drone deliveries have now been trialled several times and with great success it looks to be one of the biggest trends to change the deliveries market in the coming year. Avoiding traffic, workforce costs and strikes which can delay deliveries, drones provide a much faster alternative to traditional deliveries. However, there are still some technological glitches and hurdles to overcome before drone deliveries can be rolled out everywhere.

With so many innovations in the postal deliveries to come over the year, it’s paramount that your business offers the latest delivery options in order to make sure your business keeps up with the competition. Keep an eye on these key postal trends to see how the industry develops over the course of the year for any new developments!