The Solution: a step-by-step guide to secure your business loan


Complete Video Transcript

0:08I there I’m Jasper Byrne start-up loan expert
0:12thanks for visiting my website the start-up loan expert dot com
0:17if you’ve a great startup idea needs a bank loan
0:20or some other type of external finance and you’ve come to the right place
0:23I have more than a decade of experience approving loans
0:27I want the world’s leading banks on top of that
0:31been helping clients friends and family to raise money
0:34to get a small businesses started for years now three in start-up loan expert
0:40dot com
0:40I’ll provide you with a comprehensive yet inexpensive
0:44step-by-step guide on hatch prepare all the materials that you will need
0:48to Santa potential lender and I will guide you on how to crate key documents
0:53like the business plan the cash flow forecasts that will determine the size
0:57of the loan
0:58the you should ask border by the end of my tutorial
1:01you will have a fully customizable templates that will enable you to
1:05a really impressive business plan well thought through financial projections
1:10a plan that will answer all the questions the bank is going to ask you
1:14also guide you on a tactics that you should adopt
1:17such as whether to approach one or more than one bank
1:21I will also advise you on the optimal time to approach the lender
1:25as if that wasn’t enough I’ll also make sure the you’re prepared
1:29for the happy day when you receive a positive response
1:3221 or more of the potential lenders sit you know how to react
1:37importantly how he/she compare the offer or office
1:40what areas you should negotiate and what you should look out for
1:44in terms of protecting you and your business from the small print
1:48in the loan offer still unsure if you should use my service
1:52let me give you three key thoughts to consider
1:55number one I will maximize your chances of getting a loan
1:59remember the bank is lani to you not the idea
2:02great ideas are often turned on by banks because the uncomfortable with the bar
2:06our the key to your success is persuading the bank
2:10your professionalism and attention to detail but my help
2:14give a much better chance for demonstrating those qualities because he
2:17won’t make
2:18rookie mistakes permissions number two
2:21my service offers great value for money the guidance and templates I’ll provide
2:26to you
2:26can be used for multiple and as from multiple projects
2:29there’s a lot more cost-effective going to a commission driven loan broker
2:34number three you can trust me because I’m so confident
2:38I can help me succeed I guarantee that you if you’re not
2:42100 percent happy with the tutorial know what content that you receive
2:46I’ll give you a 100 percent refund with no conditions attached