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Health Insurance Provider

10 Tips For Choosing Health Insurance

Health insurance has become a significant part of every household. The government and health organizations have advised people to get the best health insurance plans. There have been special health care packages offered. Choosing a...
Employee Recognition

3 Ways To Motivate Your Staff After Buying A New Franchise

Purchasing a franchise can be a great opportunity to own and run your own business. Not only can it be financially rewarding, becoming a franchisee is ideal for those who have had little business...
First Home Buyers

What’s The Big Deal About The Stamp Duty Relief in Victoria?

What is stamp duty? The State Revenue Office requires that land transfer duty is paid when you purchase property in Victoria. The amount is based upon your property’s value, meaning that the higher the value,...
Charitable Giving for Business

Understanding Charitable Giving For Your Business

It is true that businesses are not charitable institutions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean businesses cannot perform charitable works. In fact, they are the ones more capable of doing so, and they have already...
Cash Buyer

How Working With A Cash Buyer Can Save Home-Sellers Money

Just ask anyone who’s tried – selling a home in the current market can be an uphill battle. Despite some signs of hope since the housing crash of ’06, real estate is still essentially...
Late-paying Client

Steps to Take When a Client is Late with A Payment

As anyone who’s worked as an independent contractor can confirm, not all clients are equally timely when it comes to processing payments. While some clients wouldn’t dream of processing a payment late, others have...
Cloud Component

Why EDI Software Can Be A Game Changer

The Cloud Component You may not realize this, but the internet is a kind of “cloud”. It is projected from varying locations which network together for information sharing. Cloud computing takes this concept to the...

Long Distance Moving Is No Problem For The Professionals

Moving is an extremely stressful experience for individuals and families, and it only gets worse the farther you have to go. When leaving your hometown for a city across the province (or even the...

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