Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Business Process Overview


Complete Video Transcript

0:05in this
0:06in will show you how ad
0:09guidance let you respond to rapidly changing business needs
0:13would help you learn how processes change Dynamics CRM from data capture
0:18outcome driven and how to build and configure process these
0:22to meet flexible business needs so we talk about business processes
0:28it’s really it’s a recipe it tells you step by step what you need to do
0:34to get to a measurable verifiable outcome
0:37it serves as a roadmap it tells you where you are in the process flow
0:41I get the sea everywhere that I’m at
0:45and I know exactly where I am so I can really
0:48work effectively so
0:52we talk about using processes as a couple things we want to head on
0:55I can track progress
0:58in a business process again its visual I see our roadmap
1:02above where I want to go I can see each stage I can see what’s completed what’s
1:08not completed
1:09and then what comes next I have the ability to switch
1:12a business process I can click on in this particular case across Ellen seitz
1:17switch my process streamlined it for this cross sell deal
1:20I don’t need to go through the for qualifying discover stage
1:23and their process centric experiences
1:28allow me to gin navigator other entity records via the process
1:32it’s now no longer about working the lead working the account working the
1:37opportunity working the quote
1:39it’s about working the deal it’s one screen
1:42work the process open this
1:45particular leader Alan Brewer qualify him to close
1:50in doing so I’m going to span the lead the opportunity
1:53the quote and then close the opportunity appoint a different entities under the
1:59but really one experience in one screen
2:02no popups guiding users through that
2:05as I progress the stages and move into the different elements of the entity so
2:10moving from the lead
2:11qualifying to the opportunity I’m simply moving to the next bar
2:15and changing the fields on the form keeping users
2:18focused on where they are and what they need to do these processes are
2:26through a very easy declarative tool
2:29we can open up this designer we can
2:32specify the entities that this process
2:36I exists for in this particular screenshot you’ll see that this cross
2:40all process
2:40takes a lead and then moved to the opportunity and it’s done
2:44I can add multiple entities to this flow each entity has
2:48its stages in this case we have proposed enclose
2:52and steps within the state’s you’ll see identify the sales team proposal status
2:57et cetera
2:58so we can to find these again there could be multiple processes per entity
3:03so I might have a bunch of different qualification processes for the lead I
3:07might have a bunch a different
3:09opportunity sales processes based on the type of product may we sell products
3:13maybe we sell services
3:15we can’t snap to one standard process
3:18we have as I mentioned stage gating so the ability
3:22to take the box on the right for specific fields to be required
3:26preventing users from moving to the next step or the next stage
3:31until those are completed and lastly as I mentioned previously
3:34these processes are role-based so I can tailor
3:37sales related processes assignment my sales roles
3:41and as my sales users log into the system they’re presented with those
3:44at the same time I customer service rep for my marketing
3:47I representatives will not see those processes they’ll get role specific
3:52for their use so see a demonstration
3:57this demonstration I’m gonna start by opening up a lead
4:02so you’ll see here and use the most recent used items to open up Alan Boro
4:05who is a
4:06record that I am i doing a lot of work with right now
4:09so process ease again visually
4:13to find where I am on this particular deal I can see that right here
4:17with the nice blue flag that I’m sitting in the qualify stage
4:21within the qualify stage there’s the specific actions
4:24or steps I need to take around matching to a contact batting to an existing
4:30out defying the purchase time line these are just text fields we can bring in
4:34dropdown values so users can quickly capture
4:37the data that’s necessary we can also
4:40track as you can see the check marks here above where the user is in terms of
4:44completing what they need to do
4:46in this particular process I can always see
4:50even though I’m currently working the qualify stage
4:53I can see what I need to do next by clicking eat additional step
4:58and are I’m sorry traditional stage and seeing the steps that are
5:02available within those steps so stages so I can prepare
5:06my work here so again I mean this qualify stage
5:09but one thing to note here is that you know what I’ve done work with Alan in
5:13the past
5:13idleness so I need to use Mike hand are my standard out the box lead opportunity
5:20I need a more streamlined the process for this particular
5:23record so what I’m going to do here as I’m going to switch processes
5:28and specify my cross sell process
5:32so this gives users that ability to have
5:35process is available to them to meet their needs
5:39the Taylor experiences to take users through
5:43what they need to do to complete specific actions
5:46again it’s all around some form a verifiable outcome
5:50so here within this lead very streamlined process I only have three
5:55one simple step to confirm interest and move this deal forward
5:59so I’m just simply gonna take that and hit qualify
6:03this deal to move forward qualifying it is going to
6:06create that opportunity and transition me from the qualify
6:10to the proposed state so what your nose here with
6:14n the one form that we’re looking at here
6:17I can see that I am n this particular
6:21opportunity now I have some actions that I need to take within this stage
6:26but I also have all the fields on this form are
6:29opportunity specific fields so
6:33as I click back to qualify you’ll see
6:36here I am in the lead I have all the data for the lead I have the
6:41the social collaboration with the amor activities notes that sector everything
6:45we’re doing is we’re working this lead
6:47but as I move to that proposed stage I’m now in the opportunity
6:51my interactions my activities all my data points are now just around closing
6:56this particular deal
6:57and capturing the data that makes sense of four
7:01this particular opportunity now
7:06so users need these experiences to help guide them through what they need
7:11to do but also to have the flexibility to define
7:15what is needed for their particular process
7:19sales people know best what they need to do the organization is defined some
7:23and deliver those processes but giving users the flexibility what ultimately
7:27drive that adoption to help them do what they need to do which in this particular
7:31is close business soap because we need flexibility these processes
7:36we’ve added a very simple process
7:40editor so I can click on edit the process
7:43and you’ll see here the designer experience for that process that we’ve
7:47just been going thru
7:48so this cross sell process is a real simple process it has
7:52two entities the lead in the opportunity
7:56and with in the lead entity I have one stage
7:59which we called qualify it is tied to a category of qualify
8:04for reporting so I can see these deals with into a final type report
8:09and we can also add steps within the state we have one step to confirm
8:14I can also add another step as I click on opportunity
8:18we’re gonna see the two additional stages we have
8:21for the opportunity entity within this process flow
8:25propose stage again tied to a category
8:28and the steps within that process whether or not they’re required
8:32et cetera I can also continue to grow this process
8:36to maybe span the quote order invoice and cities
8:39any of the related entities to this originating at the so I have the
8:44so I can add any related entity like
8:48in this case a pic quote and this gives us a new stage now offer quotes
8:52and I can specify a field these are quote related fields
8:57and lastly processes a
9:00are again about a verifiable outcome so they’ve been since this process is
9:04specific to a deal
9:06I can close this process by going back to want to the originating entities
9:10and adding in some final data so as I start with the lead to go to the opt-in
9:14generate the quote
9:16then maybe I’m back to the opportunity to enter some simple data
9:19to close out in when this deal so giving organizations power to define these
9:23processes to meet their business needs
9:27processes are very similar to our forms and CRM
9:30we have multiple forms and we define a form order so that we can
9:34allow users to see a default but then select from others
9:38I can define and order to process is so for every opportunity I create
9:43are standard process is going to be the lead opportunity sales process
9:47but then I have a the ability to switch to any these other processes
9:50so you can define the order for these particular processes
9:56and lastly the process can be I defined
9:59to a specific set a security roles I can enable it for everyone
10:03or I can enable it for only a specific set here maybe I only one
10:07my sales people access to this cross sell process
10:11which would make sense and a lot of organizations so hope you enjoy the
10:16hope you can really see the amazing work has gone behind
10:19these process capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics ERP 2013
10:23and how are really rethinking CRM systems and how users interact