Make Body Language Your Superpower


Complete Video Transcript

0:05what makes one an exceptional
0:08presenter is it flashy visuals
0:11is it the tone of voice is it
0:15the actual message or content or that something to do
0:19with body language gestures nice tits
0:22today we want to talk to you about this latter point how to use our
0:27bottom effectively to communicate our mess because we have so many great
0:31ideas here but if they remain in our head
0:34than actually link-up the audience our message
0:38when I’m right we are ready message not resin yards
0:42to buy link please powerful role how we communicate
0:46and unfortunately body language can also distract
0:51we’ve seen the 4 michel de
0:54right he speaks the teleprompter
0:57site happening however doesn’t seem to
1:01and struggles and alms
1:04see behind moving around is service
1:07he’s doing it don’t want on
1:10we walk class what is their stance
1:15beginning okay but his hands national announcing
1:19turn from the on and
1:23class I’ll you
1:26yeah I’m he spends shows back here gain composure
1:31swaying back and forth looking down
1:35we I’m there’s any
1:39hands and now
1:42here back state at the SAC opposite place
1:46where the fuck incredibly nervous
1:50and now it’s will want to avoid her own Michael Bay
1:55moments when we communicate the last thing we want at a startup pitch
1:59our meeting is to have that happen is a have
2:03the body language take over from the message
2:06if we lose site what everybody is doing
2:09all people can pay attention to is the body itself
2:12right it’ll take over so that comes down to not only could distract
2:17but the body language can it is your superhero
2:21right it can change your superpower sign
2:24passing your superhero but if you’re super PAC
2:28in the sense that we can utilize it to enhance and communicate with every
2:33person in the audience
2:34want to talk about that today from three vantage points
2:37calling is gonna get started in talking to help posture
2:40breeds success John June thing to talk to her gestures
2:44to strengthen your message finally jennifer is gonna closes out
2:48with how we think about by posture you the audience
2:51how to wrap that call take his way communication begins
2:58before you even open your mouth to speak your audiences first impression review
3:03is your posture and your position and so it’s important to know both how to stand
3:08as well as where to stay and perhaps it’s fairly obvious
3:12you should stand facing the people here talk don’t stand
3:17the senior visuals in turn your back the arts
3:20that’s not what we want to do we can communicate that way it’s also important
3:25to know
3:26where you’re standing in the room a position of strength in this room
3:30is somewhere in the centre box as long as you’re moving around in the center
3:34you’re doing pretty well we don’t want to be is often a corner tower in
3:38or specially in from the venues
3:42track in this this room is pretty good
3:45it doesn’t have any straps but there is a way an outside this window
3:50there cars there losses their like its
3:53and when I was standing over there probably about half
3:57you could see in your peripheral vision outside the window
4:01and it’s a car you drive by your instinct
4:04your reaction would be to look out the window and that would break
4:08your concentration and our conversation and we don’t want that
4:12and now the you know where to stand
4:15it’s important to know house we’re gonna demonstrate
4:19a few positions a few bad decisions that we’ve seen from
4:23us and some you guys even from the presentations earlier today
4:28that you shouldn’t do the first boy I’m
4:32his hands in your pockets this comes off his nonchalant
4:37your shoulders tend to roll forwards it’s very difficult
4:41to convey a strong message from this position second one
4:45is hands on your hips with your hands on your hips you tend to look
4:49overbearing and powerful and the third one
4:53is the fee this is where you’re protecting your family jewels with your
4:58and while it also the extended
5:02it’s especially bad when you decide to gesture from this position
5:06all to show you some a
5:14you would like your flashing the audience and that’s not a good thing
5:18so how shoes if I could actually get all
5:21you to stand I’ll lead you through a short demonstration
5:25on how to find your basic
5:28slows you stood be mindful the people next to you
5:32and place your feet with the part close your eyes and look up towards the
5:37and lift your hands above your head get a good stretch I need your shoulders
5:42and let your arms drop to the side
5:45when you open your eyes looked out this is your bass posture
5:50thank you very much Brisbane you guys can sit down now
5:56now that you found your base posture this is where you should gesture from
6:01and is where you should return to when you finish gesture
6:04it may not feel the most comfortable but it looks the most comfortable to your
6:10remember that your posture position
6:13are the audiences first impression but now that you know
6:17how to stand still its time to learn how to
6:23just just so important because it helps you
6:26communicate example if you use gestures
6:30the audience remembers prices
6:33it also helps you future speakers to
6:37because against your memory when you speak
6:40also so the transition
6:43your hand and all movement is the biggest movement that the audience can
6:49you can either use it wisely wasted random
6:52and distracting just I’m going to show you
6:55three types of just is the game
6:59the show and the top is an exam
7:05this for the GSP I went to this communications
7:08thats it was so way I mean you can’t
7:11EU sq central I think this was the best class
7:16I’ve Lt as we like to see what happens
7:20the you this fall at the GSP
7:24I went to this communications so
7:27this gesture is used to give the audience the facts all the options
7:31remember to have your of are not now
7:34we get to that me
7:38the show i mean you could feel
7:42just use improving is kinda just as the laws buoyancy
7:46and imagination is the name just remember that
7:51the gesture and the message ask met example you can say
7:55profits arising the just like a
7:59so konzi and creativity
8:03the troll I think this was the best class
8:07I will take them so this gesture is used to deliver strong opinion
8:13you can you will use it want or you can use all set
8:17you can use both thats and we lost it all which would leave us bonus
8:23so next time when you do gestures think about these three types
8:27and bad re taxes they
8:31you the show
8:35and the top
8:40a bit everyone in the room is going to remember this
8:43a just just work
8:46that’s the message I
8:50another subject is about having your palms
8:54so and your exam
8:58people the right police twice and moved to the left
9:03a slightly different is people to let right
9:07piecewise and moved to the left one more time
9:11people the White replies and moved to the left
9:14is there a difference which one do you think would make more people
9:20the first yes according to study
9:23if you have your poems up eighty-four percent of the organs compliance
9:28if you have a bomb stop 52 percent if you have fingers
9:3220 aids never use your fingers at you all use
9:37a in its just arrogant
9:41and only politicians use I clinton usually a
9:45I did not have sexual relations I
9:50it was bad back then looks bad
9:53now ca
9:57and last but not least avoided serious
10:00just example
10:04people the right please rise in
10:09no matter what you do right I mean it silly so
10:12there’s a lot of who
10:16always remember that just just not there for you
10:19and the audience to make the pic next
10:22so well we’ve talked about the oh yes now it’s time to focus on you
10:27the odds as john turned and Colin
10:31described we’ve been focusing on by language at the speaker
10:35but let’s not forget who’s the real here here
10:38as we learned in our first week in class it’s not me speaker
10:42it’s here the idea but what happens
10:46when the audience doesn’t realize that they are on this hero’s journey
10:51have you ever seen on yes that works like this
10:54have you ever been that audience it’s okay we are
10:58whether we’re playing on our phones falling asleep and nodding off
11:03looking at the clock and calculating can we make an escape from the sri
11:08we’ve called but the thing is if the speakers responsibility
11:13to understand what’s going on in their audience and body language
11:16is a powerful way to assess that as a speaker
11:20we can be so focused on our own body language that we never even notice
11:24what the audience is doing and it’s important to change that
11:28so I wanna share three strategies for how you can
11:32engage with your audience better by developing more a
11:35observational skills so first of all
11:38absolutely be using the gestures and body language tools that we’ve talked
11:42about today
11:43and over the course of the court but the second thing
11:46is to notice of course you’re going to be looking for I contact
11:51look beyond it look at how your but how your audience members are sitting
11:55are they visiting are they moving I did being
11:58forward-looking engaged and taking notes or are they selling out
12:03if your body language your I contact and your efforts at being compelling are not
12:09then you can go deeper you can try surprise me I
12:12answer the question are you humor or
12:15you can disrupt the audience as students we hate being called called
12:20but we know it’s effective right Jason what’s your favorite color
12:24its a
12:27okay very good yeah
12:32as we all know it’s the fastest way to reengage with the conversation
12:36the speaker so don’t be afraid to use it it’s so important to keep your audience
12:40on track
12:41because they’re the hero and it’s their journey remember how Nancy Duarte told
12:45us that we are the Yoda
12:47to leaks I like and our job as the speaker is to keep the hero
12:51on their journey with that in mind I think we’ve talked about three concepts
12:56that really remind
12:57each of us the whole body language is your super PAC
13:01use it become that superpower talent superhero
13:05and we welcome any questions you have how to stand strong
13:08gesture effectively engage yeah
13:12thank you theme