Loan Officer Sales Training Having a long term business plan.


Complete Video Transcript

0:00hello for final yet we’re gonna talk about building yourself a long term
0:05where do you want to be a couple years from now where you want to be ten years
0:08from now
0:08we need to think about these things I mean look at them realistically
0:12do we want to just be a stand-alone loan officer there’s nothing wrong with that
0:16do we wanna on large mortgage company and have a bunch loan officers working
0:19for us
0:20once again there’s nothing wrong with that do we want to be a mega loan
0:24with ourselves and two or three assistants people to go out on the
0:27appointments for us
0:28there’s nothing wrong with that all these approaches are legitimate and fine
0:32but where do we wanna be we need to step back and say
0:35what do I need to learn well the first thing most listening to learn our basic
0:40business skills when he learned by GR cells
0:42we need to learn time management we need to increase our sales skills
0:47and on top of that we just need to go out there and do it
0:50that’s the hardest part just getting out there and doing it making that first
0:54knocking that first or picking up the phone to call in that first realtor
0:58calling that first broker that were nervous about their gonna get shut down
1:02going out there and doing that first office presentation or standing there
1:05with our PowerPoint and something is gonna go wrong
1:08and a projector doesn’t work it’s going out there
1:11and just feeling uncomfortable it’s going to an open house
1:15talking to realtor these things are the foundational points
1:19and then beyond that we need to grow we need to get some business in the door
1:23we need to make our paycheck we need to make our rent
1:26we need to pay our bills and as we grow
1:29as the business search to pick up as we start having over every month as we
1:33start getting extra money in the door
1:34when this start investing we need to maybe at an assistant
1:38we need to pick up the phone and telemarketer cells but eventually we
1:41need to go to get a telemarketer
1:43somebody to help us out some way to make all those contacts we need some help
1:47keep us organize your gonna need
1:49probably a secretary or assistant who can send the information to the realtors
1:53once a week
1:54as we send out are updates we need somebody
1:57who can pick up the phone and help us to call the clients to do weekly update we
2:01need a processor in-house
2:03who could pick up the phone and tell the client what we need we need somebody
2:06there to help us out
2:08and all these things can might just be the same person may only have one person
2:11do all these things
2:12but these are rules that are going to develop an they’re going to be
2:15constraints in your ongoing growing business they’re gonna be things that
2:18you struggle with
2:19as you try to build your business are gonna be bottlenecks in your success
2:23and you try to anticipate them and you try to look
2:26and see what others have done before you and other make agents have done before
2:30and in the marketplace what you gonna discover is that there’s really
2:34nothing has been done before there have been loan officers that close
2:3850 or 100 bills a month it’s been done but how do we replicate those systems
2:42that’s where the learning process comes in a three-year money comes in
2:46a three-time passionate focus comes in and to build long-term business
2:51you need to start with a foundation a prospecting and then eventually move
2:56to a base a farming but the farming will take time it’ll take six months a year
3:00two years
3:01to get there but one day it very well could be two or three years from now
3:06we don’t have to knock doors anymore where you can have telemarketers make
3:10your phone calls for you
3:11we can have an assistant do all the follow-up where you can have another
3:14sister be there just to put out fires
3:16it’s possible I’ve seen it I’ve done it it can be doable
3:20in your business plan and your business options think about things long-term
3:25Werner wanna be a year from now do I want to be knocking doors
3:28there’s nothing wrong with that you can make a fine living between seven to ten
3:32thousand dollars a month just knocking doors
3:34and hunting after the realtors you want to deal with you can make fifteen to
3:37twenty thousand dollars a month
3:39by building something more and I’ve met some loan officers that have made half a
3:43million dollars here during the reef I boom
3:45when everything was just click it in place are those days gone
3:48yes they are but is there still great money to be made out there
3:52yes there is can you prospects for purchase base business
3:55yes you can is going to take a lot of effort yes it will
3:59but is it possible is it doable actually make ten thousand dollars a month to
4:03feed your family
4:04live in a nice house and do great things with your life
4:07absolutely best to reason about this program that’s the reason you’re trying
4:11to do better for yourself
4:12a know what I’m your biggest fan just the fact that you went out there he
4:16bought this program
4:17that you’re studying the year researching that you’re not giving up
4:21that shows you have the potential succeed and I want to compliment you on
4:24everything you’ve done so far all the training you put yourself through
4:28and I think the future’s going to be extremely bright for you so as your
4:31ongoing plan gets better and better
4:33and as you get better better as a person and as your financial stability gets
4:37better and better
4:38I want to hear all the great things that happen keep in touch with me
4:42send me e-mail and just remember in least in my book
4:46you have a fan out there and I’m pulling for you to succeed
4:49do well and let’s hear some great victory stories let’s go out there have
4:53a great
4:53ongoing business plan an ongoing business that will grow and thrive
4:57and just make life better for us and our families and luscious big good influence
5:02on this industry as a whole as we try to turn back the clock
5:05and make it so that loan officers are respected profession again
5:08in spite of all the bad things that happened last year too
5:11so I wish you good luck and I compliment you once again taking the first step
5:16on building yourself a great purchase business