Liability Insurance for Small Business – “liability insurance for small business”


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0:03Liability Insurance for Small Business – “liability insurance for small business”
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0:32What does General Liability Insurance protect?
0:34This coverage protects a business from legal losses in a court system. This coverage pays
0:39out in case your business has been sued because you have been negligent in some way.
0:45A very common example can be:
0:48You had a large hole in the front of your building. A reasonable person would have covered
1:01up the hole, you decided not to. Someone coming onto the premises broke their ankle because
1:05of that hole, you will now be sued (because of negligence).
1:08What is the most basic coverage with General Liability Coverage?
1:11-Bodily Injury
1:12-Property Damage
1:12-Personal Advertising Injury: such as libel or slander
1:15-Products & Completed Operations: your completed job was done incorrectly and it caused harm
1:22to others after the fact
1:24Do you really need Commercial General Liability Insurance???
1:29especially in today’s age with the willingness to sue, this type of coverage is a bare necessity
1:34-if you damage someone’s property, you get sued
1:37-if you libel someone or slander someone, you get sued
1:40-if you build something and it is not done correctly, you get sued
1:44Simply put, you need protection for this liability. Call as ask for a quote today!
1:47How can Elite Business Insurance help you decide which company is best to use?
1:52Here at Elite Business Insurance, LLC, we make sure to shop hundreds of carriers for
1:59each client.
2:03Known throughout the industry as an established independent insurance agency gives us an advantage
2:12to the everyday business owner.
2:14Rather than placing a square peg in a round hole, we mold you specific commercial general
2:29liability insurance needs into various scenarios offering the best possible carriers with the
2:43best prices.
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