Jew vs Indian, Why Chinese can’t do business with Indian. Russell Peters


Complete Video Transcript

0:00but to BT Jews are cheap
0:03jus actually cheap jews will spend the money if they think it’s worthwhile
0:07a job at a certain hour no already feels like it’s
0:11good material here’s my money resonating I don’t know
0:16I could probably get this man for four dollars
0:27and when you’re not looking to close out a knife teach how much now tipped
0:31the I don’t
0:42archie man is in our blood my dad so good at being cheap that he could
0:46convince you that you’re wrong
0:48I took my dad to a bar he ordered a beer the waiters like its 450 sermonette like
0:52is thirty the the
1:08she’s standing like sir what about the other 150
1:10don’t worry about it the
1:18like no you owe me 150
1:20I owe you you owe me at the same thing
1:29information be well as good the Chinese
1:32Santa could be less
1:36its the
1:42you can do business together Chinese people in any people cannot do business
1:46in cannot live without a bargain in Chinese people cannot give you a
1:50the objective is to get
1:53every penny from you just to keep everybody
1:57really bad our server I went to this Chinese mall
2:01some you may know Pacific Mall that the wrong place a minute gotta go
2:07the bag I want to buy this bag ago how much to change your mind about how much
2:12thirty-five dollars the
2:21about 30
2:21and Chinese you will never tell you no they’ll tell you know
2:26the longest know you’ve heard like you just said the most ridiculous thing
2:30they’ve ever
2:30I could be thirty nor
2:36or I can do for the dollar for dollars today will come tomorrow closed down
2:53the oh my gosh I wanna give me a deal on the person I don’t pay 35 bucks
2:58okay one sec I talk to my wife under second thank you
3:02the online
3:08ok you seem like a nice guy your best price
3:1330 40 50 much as 50 cent
3:20a lot of money use a 50-38
3:24maybe you’ll go somewhere you save another 50 cent the you take your load
3:32all are you go to the dollar store you buy
3:46much money managers
3:50for you
3:52no I didn’t forget it I don’t wanna is now to do. his text tell me stuff that
3:57has nothing to do with anything I got I’m leavin
3:59p.m. and the
4:06p.m. and do the right thing the do the right thing
4:13maybe you the first right now you go some you walk around the mall you see
4:17something else
4:18you don’t buy you come back you say phenol
4:24you don’t give a fuck 15 outbreak don’t know maybe forty dollars the vehement
4:32the just can’t do business
4:38we can work together we just can’t work with each other
4:43because the black even the audience to its
4:48because it’s bright the what you always a new centre-back
5:01remember Carino scare me
5:02the run to make to make hard people are afraid to make it tonight
5:07the most passive jamaicans ever
5:11the lecture the I am Anna bredren is a Jamaican
5:18the quite as Jamaicans in there were other
5:23to make the hard people to grow up around you know why
5:26is that when I was gonna run jamaicans you hang around to making people long if
5:29you feel the need to want to be Jamaican
5:31it looks so cool everything about them is cool
5:34now the kid I got wanted to be Jamaican so bad I started
5:38dressing like a Jamaican I started wearing a little red yellow and green
5:42belt in
5:43I started talking like a Jamaican start listening to reggae music I started
5:47haven’t kids I didn’t know about I did the the
6:02dust a Jamaican will never act like you
6:05to make get a grip on a Monday evening guys wanna go in a baby walking
6:10the gonna happen so bad my dad as he tried fitting in with my Jamaican friend
6:21when I was growing up
6:22you never wanna man from India trying to speak like a Jamaican at any point
6:26during his
6:27my friends have been living my dad walking okay come on Marlon move your
6:31Obama Clark and
6:32the my dad that ninety was a tropical
6:40the it is everything
6:45the to confuse
6:50when I is the Jamaican word for a woman’s the the
7:00for the my dad thought it was a tropical fruit
7:07when I was a kid I was sickened mess on my dad america’s oh my god son you’re
7:11sick what can I get you
7:12dad I love ninety
7:15the dad went to the Jamaicans the
7:19the funny
7:35no no no feat
7:46heard real african and my child gonna get an african-american hair
7:50real african names are wicked man %uh that this casino in South Africa right
7:53I’m playing blackjack
7:55african-american Jharkhand
7:5921 right I look at the dealer right as African dude I think they put this guy
8:07there just to confuse you when you gamble think has a look at his name tag
8:10I swear to God
8:11the guys name was spelt exclamation mark
8:15acts whole
8:18be I L E and I’m like how the hell do you say that
8:21so much from there to take a shot randomly get Greg
8:26get another car there cell
8:34gonna car there’s bone the the sickest
8:43disturbing you know cuz the exclamation was at the beginning at the name
8:46the guy was a question mark it be like dobie
8:49day the exclamations only the
8:58looks amigos do not really because little the yelling managers trying to
9:05say your name
9:06because that is not how you say my name saying
9:10I swear to God the guy goes my name is pronounced
9:15be late
9:20click the was relay
9:29I don’t care my first out getting a click on his name
9:31is my son hustle the guys name was
9:41told me just saying it to each other right delayed
9:44think about and I’m a slow down a sex life
9:50there with his woman they’re making love all
9:52baby its who’ll be fair-minded
9:57the the oh my god