Wild Hyena Hoodrat & Thug Murder Black Business Owners To Steal Weave


Complete Video Transcript

0:00well today’s show video the common sense approach so we have a story of why Hina
0:10hooray and killing a couple who live business owners because they want to rob
0:17them of their hair extensions or aka we going broke loose for two or three
0:24hundred dollars a bottle of her to take someone’s life is not the right answer
0:29many questions still surround what happened in this parking lot on Friday
0:33night police say EJ take his girlfriend and we did Thomas were shot while
0:37sitting in a car take died on scene and Thomas died at the hospital eighteen
0:43year old victorious he was arrested and charged with accessory after the fact
0:47after police say she drove the shooter away from the scene at Tyco you know its
0:53use of wise she was a beautiful young lady family members described him as a
0:58loving father to a six year old little girl and a hard working man fortune here
1:03for us dot com estates business with his cousin the website states that the
1:07company sells extension and weeks forty fifty dollars in going all the way up to
1:13$255 family and friends feel both the driver and the shooter newt eight and
1:19may have bought hear from him before they feel this was an attempted robbery
1:23gone wrong they didn’t have to do this if they wanted to hair you know he was
1:29say you have desire you know my life is not worth it
1:35family has a message for the shooter you done wrong you know it took away my
1:42father took away our son were nestled into the way part of the community is
1:50why I tell you about is why I know who risked the Y in her reds in the thirties
1:54go hand in hand behind as always going to cover for the always going to be the
1:59getaway driver they gonna lie to the police when they give their looks
2:04they cover for them because that’s their enforcers now this hair extensions is a
2:10lot of money it’s a big business so don’t come up with an awesome you see
2:15region be when we leave in a way to you know what Koreans are making billions at
2:19least six billion dollars a year off of her hair products for black people and
2:25black even making hardly anything out of this hole is not be Siliana business in
2:30but you know some people think on a business mind anyway this situation
2:35should tell us that if you’re going to see your hair extensions to ship it out
2:41online no meat nobody anywhere at all to be selling hair get some models my
2:48little you to Instagram whatever showing the Heritage you have given rio people
2:53do some testimonials about the hair industry or whatever and distribute it
2:58way because obviously we have the hyenas and one hit a lick as they would say
3:04around somebody is still the same here on the street on Thursday his own hair
3:09extensions with still very face on the street
3:11quickly does vasundhra with seal but it’s a that within our community and we
3:18would keel one another for hair we were killed one another for some shoes this
3:25is why we have to be educated to remove the inferiority was in we have to
3:32realize that my life has some attitude toward each other because you will kill
3:39a black person in a minute we’ll know probably kill another black person is I
3:44thought over these days material possessions you value too much on hair
3:51you value too much on shoes you value too much on clothes now just a hyena and
3:57the people who aren’t high is it within our community you put too much value
4:02honesty that’s why I say all the time there’s some of us are the most vain
4:07people in America because everything about us is valued off what we have
4:14our person is saying I mean it’s silly to me like me see me in these suits but
4:21when I’m not it would do in these videos are regular teacher so it’s you know
4:27sort of jeans or what I’m not trying to worry about this sort of thing I don’t
4:32care if I’m going to get a new car how else would help though I’m not going
4:39they’re dressing up like this what I like actually to dress down because if
4:44you look at me funny when I walk out and then I go somewhere where we bestow on
4:50how I’m dressing right now which he knows a lot of black people you got to
4:54be dresses so Wales gotta have some expensive shoes in
4:58you gotta have expensive bills in your community you don’t put no but you don’t
5:05buy the businesses you know about a property you don’t buy the land that is
5:10why they come in gentrifying neighborhoods because you’ve been in
5:13there by sixty seventy years a more crap but then you an email with some ideas to
5:18buy up all the properties a cheap
5:20wanna say it is justified neither do I you you focus all your digital shoes in
5:27a call and a built in some hair and some nails and everything else outside of
5:32doing some you get your key is down the line this stuff is stupid and costly
5:38keep happening within the black community told people is sometimes we
5:42just say well is cuz of systemic racism and oppression while weed out and then
5:48imma say there may be part of it that’s not the whole thing a lot of things
5:52while we’re down as black people look at the black meet us because decisions
5:57we’re making instead of appropriating all those bones to shoes and clothes and
6:03hair and built in air Nelson to put a value while you baiul a while to get
6:09some businesses won’t disappoint black businesses won’t support everything just
6:14a into like because it will say we like certain things even though we do here
6:19all brother we like what you do is good keep putting yourself on the line but we
6:26say okay well let’s support
6:27some of its own them back up some people do I’m not going to say that some people
6:32do but a lot of people you know say we need more black media we need this but
6:37with the funds will Hockley do these things unless we all support it and it
6:42how how can you have a communal if you own the stores how can you be home to do
6:47good miss you own lane we we we won’t do any black person say you know I dot the
6:53boys are here and we could take study given 10 percent in these churches who’s
6:58not doin nothin forced
7:00appropriating funds to maybe 227 bacilli not to boise is a supporting the
7:06black-owned businesses a black owned institutions all went to how about what
7:11they will do with the money
7:12apriso only ten percent legal do with it at all
7:17you lose a word ok but this is why we lost a base while we don’t have been
7:23systems is why you know we are in lot of the financial condition we can talk
7:28about other group even because you know what I’ll see other groups of people
7:31shooting him sales it out on the street killing innocent couples for hair off
7:35shoes and you can’t do all but I am really call it like it is because we’re
7:40not gonna think sitting in our community as we talk about is how it is and deal
7:45with it in this is sick in the me how we gonna kill you to love another Twilight
7:51Zone stuff over some hair in shoes i mean
7:57mazes me in it amazes me I was floored at how is the mentality and is how far
8:05we have fallen within our community ought to mean nothing about don’t say
8:10much about what’s going on while you are just you supportive when I go it
8:14recently added in rhesus because you opposed to community in our ward 2 seat
8:20is John happening is some in the minds of those who try to kill one of my key
8:24is a so
8:26house you so yeah I didn’t have any issue and I definitely be dead drama
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