How To Talk To Women & Make Them Want You


Complete Video Transcript

0:12so what i would like you to do actually is
0:15if you’re comfortable with it i dont make why do I make you unhappy
0:18I want you to approach family US setting
0:22amber I jacquard about so
0:26were at an art gallery and i’m looking at this painting and I want to
0:31approach me and Sarah conversation
0:35and that’s why i wanna see what you doing honey back I’m
0:38okay I tell you what I’m feeling and tell you how I respond to the way you
0:42approach me
0:42and give you a couple thing try after
0:46and seeking at
0:54you the cutest girl in this whole museum and the cutest guy here
0:58so I figured you won’t get to talk to tempo get to know
1:02my name’s Johnny my boyfriend just over there
1:06fought back and in
1:11the the first creep me out
1:16totally yet because you came up like from the side and
1:21were telling me what I wanted and I couldn’t really understand what you’re
1:24but that hardly love you like a fat back I that comet
1:28act like in your belly competent okay and then continue after
1:32timing my boyfriend like himself back axle
1:36right here yeah yes
1:41pennies beautiful so that’s why I guess that okay
1:44okay but I want I want you to go into your own world okay so this is nothing I
1:48wanna all of us time to try
1:50in our own head watching John John littlejohn
1:53I do it again and K
1:57I hope call of starvation writes out what I want to do as I want to look
2:01around the room
2:02okay and for the next 15 seconds I’ll they really want to call out everything
2:06that you
2:07see to okay so I like hanging
2:12from there we’re petrol and guy
2:15a carpet I A I can’t get over the islands for a vacancy
2:19and like like all these I want to call it the observations
2:23at okay meryl mare
2:26curtain I’ll door couch
2:30say confidently yeah I know what they are
2:34lighting I’ll yell
2:39yeah about people although much alike guy staring at a strangely enough for
2:44away but cell is your observations okay now I want to go back around around
2:47and I want to attach a story teacher them by
2:50so that it’s like oh there’s like a carpet hanging
2:54I over nothing I wonder how that carpet
2:57got up there there must’ve I don’t actually know lot where she is
3:01site I don’t really think that like
3:04okay to let that was a microphone I’ll give this one time or at the Commish on
3:08a guy with Michael just like this one
3:10which help like really expand his voice
3:13story like that so that as every song me see around you at all times
3:17is something to use for conversation CEO how old you are on 31 July 31 years
3:23experience for
3:24things around me so that I have a story and experience feeling
3:29about Asian those things up I walked on 390 a street light on how I feel cheated
3:34are something can calm out that observation
3:38a street light conversation is around you all rights
3:41just this is this is what the at exercise is all about
3:45so what I want to do was sharing if I want you to say simply
3:49okay there’s there’s a light up there have never seen one of those
3:54life are hey I’m theme plays when I was younger
3:58and being on stage and the satellite on over whenever they were turned on
4:03it was going to be right away I was doing is my performance of course I’m
4:07has a very good Kathy and up
4:10I’m complaining but I like this is that
4:13like wanna not be seen it before now
4:17back to something like that where there’s annex experience and
4:21I’ve been working on a conversation for quite some time so I did and the net
4:25this is a skill that I really don’t wanna I had challenges
4:29with conversation and wish with sharing myself
4:32verbally I’m so just let you know it doesn’t have to be
4:36as brand of a story is that but I do want you to call from
4:40your bank experiences and stories
4:43and feeling till tell me about
4:47i dun in this round okay
4:50to make sense iraq’s
4:53about and there’s there’s two things that you can do as well
4:56this is for you guys as well to remember the word because
5:00because the word because helps you injecting emotion into what you’re
5:04talking about
5:05and housing to go am internal
5:08is what I call it but so if you use the word because
5:12you literally have to think why life because and then you go internal we’re
5:15not focusing
5:16on the other person you’re actually going interior
5:19and memory bank to try and find out why he thinks are
5:23so using the word because minor talking
5:27is a great trainer free to expand on something that you’ve made a statement
5:31and if you don’t use the word because simply asking yourself the question
5:36why pecan remember to do that also help to expand
5:39because a wheelchair you say because
5:43so that you actually share more than just like I like best about
5:47at like basketball because I like love how r
5:51dude Raja this is my own hi honey hurt
5:54but you know today cell those searching trainer
5:58things to remember as the word because
6:02or internally you can ask yourself the question why
6:06and my talking about that why is it interesting
6:10the world why it’s really important cell whenever you’re ready
6:16I like that painting for that poster because
6:19I Saida the gate I want a
6:22alright that a something up
6:28I liked those curtains
6:31because their black
6:36that okay it I don’t you think iran’s that
6:39you can say I like both occurred and because they’re black
6:43and not yet hell yell at me like I’m as long as you are reading you’re okay with
6:47I’m not gonna get you but you can even sell yourself how I had a bye into later
6:52hear your best publicist you have to remember that
6:55so here is a light lovers I don’t like that but her
6:59I think those are her in but but
7:07you detail honestly dont think about right or wrong there is now an era
7:11right now it’s just about practice so it’s not
7:14you not going to say anything I haven’t ever heard before
7:18so you came up here very competently and went
7:21right into conversation you have a world
7:25a fatass to share used to be happy proud of them
7:28and understand that I will only judge if he did you
7:32so nothing is a rock are I like that near
7:36tussle but huge yeah
7:39fucking hard
7:43that poster cap
7:46spring to yeah bloody why do you like it
7:50by the state is pretty like badass that a guy would make like a postal
7:59city today I wanna know why you like it
8:02because when you tell me why i like it I learned something else about you
8:06okay so that I know that a lot of great to share information about themselves
8:11because like I said it is nice when distraction she may not like many rock
8:15so what does the neutral and didn’t read whatever she said
8:19and then she’s gonna like me more doesn’t work that way so these things
8:22help expand on emotions
8:24so that I can feel you as a woman I can’t feel anything about you
8:28there’s no way in hell ever wanna wanna fuck you
8:32okay a got the