How to start your own t-shirt business


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0:00hi karta Ross here with t-shirt richest dot com
0:04today I want to show you a unique way that you can
0:08literally get into the t-shirt printing business are by making t-shirts yourself
0:13a hole
0:13and it all starts with a seen are like the one you see here which is called a
0:18transfer machine or heat press and essentially he pressed basically allowed
0:23to take some your designs
0:24so we got the user sayings and what not put upon to a special type a paper
0:29and you’re able to use this machine to transfer the design from the paper
0:33duty sir inject give me an idea I am
0:37is a Sony NEX an example a third this is assert that was made with this machine
0:41with Italy took a transfer paper to show you that in just a moment
0:45but we took his paper arm we laid on top a t-shirt
0:48clampdown seen it was transferred to the search but this is Justin I did you not
0:53do something to can make
0:55would it I this is a what a bar guys here
0:59made this design I’ll una bomba Martin Luther King shirt
1:03and he made it is I’m would the art teacher process them or talk to you
1:08about today
1:09opted to give you an idea um
1:12again here’s another design again you could make you all designed to make
1:15family reunion designs you can make
1:17t-shirts or juror these for basketball teams or whatnot
1:21and I did the whole lotta things you can do with machine added to give you an
1:25this was seen here wat about 40-50 pounds
1:28army heats up to about pop degrees
1:31and Dom it like a big hot arm
1:34and again that allows you to transfer your designs are from a paper
1:38to a t-shirt inform them to a labor cert now he did give me an example
1:43and the show you this year this here
1:46its actually a transfer paper this is the transfer
1:50essentially you put your design are ought to this press release paper
1:55and you print it you lay it down on a certain
1:59and what will you wouldn’t want to lay this down here
2:02to show you how it works we look like that machine bail
2:05into gear stable of about eight seconds arm
2:09on the shirt and again the heat want to transfer that design
2:13from the paper to the t-shirt and what you have
2:17is a unique t-shirt up
2:20its if thought we do with a pill that design all
2:27and what with transfer paper want to use it
2:31what to do that Trafford can no longer use it so that the time
2:35believe transfer paper the one-time use sooo to get here
2:38is t-shirt and again you can make a variety
2:42let me have your old special science I’ll
2:46be help family unit circle if you look into the teacher business
2:51printing local t-shirt for local businesses are schools in your area
2:55are or even used the internet this still your t-shirt ideas
2:58arm you can do that with this machine and again to get a tramper paper I like
3:03the whole mind up to find the center point
3:05teacher paper we are transferred here with the late now
3:08air what crap about it normally
3:12you let this be on about I in work six seconds a second to test seconds
3:17and I’ll some intimacy will have a booger
3:21after eight thick as a ten-second be a big and go all
3:24and %uh but him to do in this from experience
3:28I know how long the lengths they all and again Trafford designed it
3:33it got with paper now bit if not the type a tramper paper gets back from the
3:38of Walmart whatever what the you’re all printer
3:41arm is a special process that you go through to get the search me
3:44and this the here split the profit that to go through
3:49Joyce in the dow and the different company will
3:53put the desirable to the paper to type the two get from the store
3:57are real cheap the I’ll
4:01weep run-up to the lawsuit saying they’ll we topper Joe design they’ll
4:06break all
4:07I’ll its baby smothers
4:10smear and all that good stuff so they’ll both not the type of stuff what do you
4:15think that a lot of screen printers
4:16arm we’ve took wanna be searched to scrape reliable
4:20would have a difficult time been able to tell the difference all within that will
4:23screen print but
4:25what they put the development to the paper if actually done by
4:29spring pretty process so a gear you can make
4:33all types certs to show you that body piercing save my life
4:37it we specialise we were in a religious market and we make a lot of t-shirt for
4:42different churches fundraisers
4:46and what not so the opportunity again at wide open
4:50this transfer from the TV show I survivor
4:54and its notice to do that and brought it back or or mirrored
4:57so that we we put a lot to the cert it comes out the right way
5:05this here with 10 bar top selling t-shirts
5:10again after the show survivor I’ll
5:13one about highly highly purchase t-shirts
5:17and you can do this but I seceding seen a small enough that you can do it from
5:21ominous pay payroll you don’t need
5:25lot a role to our make certs
5:29I am in also if it it’s
5:32so much you can do it at the moment what’s on some different jerseys
5:36there that you can make
5:40with this machine if Italy unlimited
5:45literally are limited and we’ve
5:48credit 10 the thousands and thousands of shirts
5:52with machine with this machine and sold them all online
5:57sold amid different boundary there’s some people saw them at church concerts
6:02I’ll different parades any bits and yet again you can use if the print a dark
6:07color t-shirt will
6:08so it not that you kept the cool white but so we have
6:12creative ideas that we have designs that you wont
6:17some ideas that you think you can put up to the market and turn a test
6:21this is this is the best way and most affordable way
6:24begin to the business screen printing usually spent
6:27thousands and thousands of dollars own equipment
6:31I’ll %uh Eakes is messy
6:34well call a lot more money to get started spring print
6:39and quite frankly like I said earlier %uh
6:42this did the doctor to see here actually created by
6:45screen printing process they put onto this press release paper so use it till
6:49you are giving screen print shirts
6:52but not having to deal with alda all the math and Tom a ball with getting
6:57getting started armpit the van he talked about the sea is another
7:011 I’ll on a more highly popular shirts
7:06that were sold on the net
7:13and one of my favorite search for whale lasted three
7:17you can print a variety of T-shirts different sucks I’d the shakes
7:22design colors and with their I’m gonna show you
7:26some other local teams if you have a football team or basketball team
7:30you can make a I’ll football shirt
7:33dirty and likely weaken
7:36definitely help me out with that we have a budget tool than a resource is
7:41the help get to go on and Dom and let’s go down below on our website
7:46the teacher to dot com you be able to see the different
7:49I’ll program we have available to help you get going in this business
7:54are a prince if you have this here war
7:58a restaurant the gondolier restaurant I don’t know if you can see that but this
8:02is the apron
8:04and bringing cloth the gondolier Panther
8:07Italian restaurant but you can make a apron
8:11block other stuff with this machine
8:14all throw we have a
8:18a gift cert you can make it possible to softball teams cheerleader uniforms
8:22you can do it all air basketball teams
8:25I’ll I mean we’ve got everything you could use this machine
8:29with that but literally any and everything sweater where time
8:33our football teams and what not it also will be looking to get started in the
8:37teacher business
8:39you like step-by-step so you have to get into that process
8:42visit our website at WWW dot t-shirt richest dot com
8:46I think with cartels Ralph we have any questions do not hesitate to give us a
8:51and are you some the contact method below it will be glad to help me out
8:55thank you very much have a great day