How to start a Small Business with no Money and Bad Credit?


Complete Video Transcript

0:47beat a soapy or email the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows
0:52it’s a very mean and nasty place in an all cash out of you are
0:56it will be be sure to be a maze ing keep it up probably leave you let it
1:00you me and nobody gonna hit as hard as life
1:04but a lot about how hard you hit it’s about how hard you can get fit
1:09a cute new info on how much could take they keep moving forward
1:13that’s how it is done now if you know what you’re worth a go I don’t want
1:20but you gotta be willing to take their heads and not pointing fingers say
1:23you anywhere you want to be because they %um or her birdie buddy
1:27powers do that I’m not a joke purebred rats
1:31that you thought saving money
1:35made you man in we take a look at this forty year run on the dollar
1:40the dollar is designed economically to lose money
1:44embrace and millionaire so why would you say if something
1:47that loses money every year and what this means for somebody on retirement
1:52is that after you retire %um your the value of a dollar goes down
1:56and the cost a woman keeps going up to my which dead
1:59that was bad advice and made all set again not overpowering diagram I which
2:04that showed me when I was a little boy
2:06was a diagram known as a cashflow quadrant
2:09and the closure is made up all the four different people
2:13who make up the world the business some Irish that said in the world the bills
2:17there’s he’s and a staff or employees
2:20and employees so you can always tell who they are
2:23by their core values and what they employees whether the president for the
2:27gentle the company
2:28well was say the same words the words are I’m looking for a safe secure job
2:33with benefits
2:34that’ll make some employees because our core values a supply security
2:37pillow other one other for ZS
2:41or the small business owner or the self-employed and again
2:44their core values will cause and is the same words which are
2:48if you want it done right do it by yourself s means are also solo
2:53John leo one person acker you operate by themselves
2:57on the right side the quadrant are the bees
3:00hemorrhage that said the beast 24 was big bills
3:03all like Bill Gates forbes if I is big business has 500 employees are more
3:08and there weren’t so different there some looking for a good system
3:12good network and the smartest people I know
3:15to help run my bills some there unlike the ass they don’t wanna run the company
3:19by themselves
3:20and what’s more people to run the company’s fourth up and then the fourth
3:24of a Quadra
3:25busy I and I stands for investor
3:28these are people who have money work hard for them these people are people
3:32have people
3:33work hard for them and these are the people that work hard for the richer
3:37cell early on in my life it was my
3:40my Poor Dad wallace said to me
3:44you know Robert gotta score singular high-paying job and so my Poor Dad score
3:50value was to be an employee he won a job security
3:54promotions a steady paycheck in all this
3:57and so it was my rich dad who said to Mesa
4:00in our armor if you really wanna be rich learn to build businesses
4:04it made more sense to him to work hard to build bills
4:08something you own and something to pass on from generation to generation to your
4:12were as my Poor Dad said work hard but my rich does and why would you work hard
4:18for something you’ll never Allmendinger fired from my way
4:21again that was the difference in values so
4:24my wrist as adjusted I learn how to be a business owner
4:27and learn how to be an investor
4:30and that’s why the big differences on the side of the quadrant these people
4:35here were for security
4:36they work for money also on the side over here
4:40their cue value that they want as they want freighter
4:45they don’t want to have to work have a job anymore they don’t want to have to
4:48work for the rest of their lives
4:50so the beauty a building business and learning how to invest has verison play
4:55that this is passive income you work hard for a few years
4:59but possibly for the rest your life income keeps flowing to you
5:02%uh all the businesses out there
5:06which type do you choose by the reasons I consider
5:10a direct selling business a perfect businesses are simply because
5:14the company will work with you to get the business skills and make your rich
5:19always remember that is not money that makes you rich this business skills
5:23and that’s why it’s a perfect person to work I’ll take as long as you like
5:27to get the skills to make the money and that’s a lifetime skill thing
5:31fell apart about a slow start up costs and I were asking them for under 500
5:36and get the skills for people who want to make the shift
5:39over to the CBI closure which is what I would recommend for people
5:44one of the beauties on a network marketing company
5:47is that you can do that for a very low price
5:50and that’s why I talk to people about considering network marketing
5:54if your gerbil Microsoft they will take you hundreds of millions of dollars
5:58but the network marketing company allows you to
6:01strong and very low rate will be patient with you
6:04I’ll take the time to transition over here
6:07and the reason why that time is so important to most people
6:11is a text I’m change als balance and the most important thing is once you take
6:16the time a suitcase one year two years five years
6:19whatever time to text one since even value
6:23for the core values on this side on the side your unstoppable
6:27today I would never go back and get a job why should I
6:30I’d rather stay on this side bill companies pay less taxes and make more
6:35but the key has a person is a change to values from my Poor Dad
6:39to the values of courage to and that’s when the abuse and network marketing
6:43they allow you the time and a very low cost to work with you
6:47to make that transition of other a number one house that a person can bill
6:51is bill a bills as the smartest thing you can do
6:56years ago I decided not to follow the corporate ladder
6:59simply because again it was valujet’s him I poured out all was so go to school
7:04and get a
7:04high-paying job with the government a big corporation but my rich dad said why
7:09would you work so hard
7:11at something you’ll never all you can’t sell your job
7:14you can pass it on to your kids so it to me and never made
7:17any sense it made more sense to build my own business and hire other people
7:21the other reason is that you really don’t have much control
7:25if you’re around the corporate ladder world for example
7:28you can get fired at a time or today we work we have us call them in a summer
7:32mergers and acquisitions for another company buys another company
7:35so you could be a great employee a but the company that buys your complex as
7:39fires it
7:42wait a minute this sounds too good to be true
7:45like wanted as get-rich-quick schemes
7:48does not a get rich quick for me on just dual overnight
7:52it takes time I still remember the first time I made that transition was back in
7:57when I fully quit my job and I had to depend upon my company
8:01that I was building support me so I understand the fear
8:05the beauty the most important thing to remember recess
8:09there’s two kinds of people in the world the other types I will say
8:13he’ll never make it and there was a lot I lobbied of friends and family saying
8:18there still a bit don’t do it and a second time
8:21well the people that said Paul Ford you can’t do it don’t worry about it will
8:25cover you
8:26so the most important thing is support of friends and family
8:30wanna beauty itself a direct selling company
8:33is that they provide that personal support to you
8:36for as long as it takes you to make the journey from the left side
8:39to marched outside won the challenge to being self-employed
8:43is that you’re your own boss here the solo act
8:48like an ass quadrant here are the individual
8:51you do it on iraq whereas in the B quadrant you’re a team player
8:55you have to depend upon a team and com- munity
8:58for the pollen being an ass is that let’s say you’re in a traffic accident
9:01there goes your income and let’s say you get older and you haven’t said enough
9:05money aside
9:06to retire on that means you’ll probably have to work for the rest of your life
9:10because you don’t have anybody else to fall back on not a team to count on
9:15so while the problems with the ass all the most people say a small satisfying
9:19of all war
9:19it is a sauna lacked and you told me on your role
9:23personally I’d rather be a member of a team feel they can count on me and I can
9:27count on them
9:28will know the well as change but sometimes the hardest thing to changes
9:32and being an all guys on all the older I get I sometimes get more set in my ways
9:38I think that’s one of the things that a direct selling business offers people
9:42why it’s a perfect business they allow you to take your time to make the mental
9:47emotional and physical changes required to move from the left side to the rich
9:51that side
9:52I think that’s a big thing as a very gracious it’s a very elegant way
9:56it’s a patient way of supporting you and making the changes of your life
10:01so please remember change always creates upset
10:04but sometimes we all know we have to make those changes
10:08and if you know it’s time for you to make that change
10:11and the perfect business may be a direct selling business for you
10:19collette networking affiliate marketing
10:21direct selling the pro-market call it whatever you want
10:25its already have one hundred billion dollar a year business
10:29a business that you can be part time of all time men can be started at home with
10:34no large capital outlay low overhead no employees
10:38and no special business expertise for technical skills a business that allows
10:42you to work your hours
10:43for your goals a business offers
10:47time freedom financial freedom
10:49and a franchise like step-by-step business plan
10:53and according to most experts a home-based business
10:57offers incredible tax advantages what are you waiting
11:02think e-commerce is going away statistics show that 96 percent of
11:07adults ages 25 to 44 are looking to hone their own business
11:11the only question is are you ready are you tired have been passed the
11:17tired of commuting tired of the rat race are you ready to work your own hours
11:22take a vacation when you want to not winning elections
11:26drive the car you’ve always dreamed about not the one uniform
11:30live where you want to live now for you job
11:34political retire in style not on a shoestring