How to start a junk removal business. Tools of the trade what you need to start a business. Junk Mob


Complete Video Transcript

0:00a star junk removal business this is Tim a joke mob again
0:04and briefing on the computer trying to figure out how to start of the rule
0:08you’d look at every being outside no training on with tidy things
0:13ice-breaker if you know what I like the people successful
0:16this is why do the I’m there and talk about
0:20been successful a course
0:23and also going to talk about tools of the trade stuff you need
0:27to make your business grow in the right building it in your vehicle I’m
0:32the first vehicle here is a Cadillac Escalade
0:36sorry for the shaky US I’m
0:39I use his truck for everything
0:43I is my personal truck I used to go everywhere sometimes opal trailers with
0:47it but not a lot from
0:49if you have your personal vehicle
0:53from I would put your name on it I get a lot a business of driving his vehicle
0:58around people so they drove to
1:03parking lot people ask me what’s Jones Bob not always act or junk model Thomas
1:08drug mule business math how much
1:10MasterCard sure enough you get a job of it I’ve got from the jobs of my
1:15of my vehicles I’ve had several be struck
1:19arm in a disaster everywhere you go people see a bigger
1:22you’re that guy you like I so in a vehicle maker flashy
1:28you don’t have to have it to slow things I have made my business better
1:36is the infamous box truck
1:37I’m I love my box truck
1:41it does everything for me there’s about probably about eighty percent my
1:44business right now
1:45I do everything outta struck I try not to do hardcover move over the brush
1:50removal with his truck
1:51you can do your whole business with this one truck and also you can do your own
1:56business if you just have a pickup truck
1:58in a tree but I use a shock for
2:03everything almost and its a big deal we’re going down the road
2:07I love it
2:11nope this is my van
2:15my trailer I actually have somewhat relieved that I can drop it rather the
2:20in charge
2:23just like adults another option that you can do
2:26got my start out with again cost me
2:29much at all actually I found it was all beat up a cleaning up paint it out
2:34and I for the big game inside a report word from the job
2:38trailer I spilled over money on this trailer I got several other truth I
2:43started out with a start our trailer paid a thousand dollars for
2:46that’s how I got everything attention from the right now
2:49with that one trailer in my old truck right we’ll talk about tools now
2:57my going to clean paper considers a lot of stuff pictures going to need
3:00but you knocking me to life start our the only thing really you start out with
3:05the dalai just like this an appliance dolly
3:09in a broom get an appliance dolly your thank me later
3:13there’s rails on the back at our place to go up and down stairs to make so much
3:17easier to do things by yourself
3:18gonna die with the big tires on it it’s really hard to work with
3:23by if I’ve been done and I’ve done for the a broom
3:29and a shovel
3:33just a couple things you need to start out with but I
3:36your use a wheelbarrow you wanna get extensive were about this will be
3:40alright here’s a thought when I got off a job so I was kinda showing as well bro
3:43trash cans the big bucket trash cans
3:48BB a green one right back in the corner
3:53wait a couple both you need extension cords
3:57gonna solve of salt or cut down hot tubs
4:00nunu for big play for yourself how that another video
4:04big push broom you always need one of those
4:08you click the stuff has a new job
4:11just like this right here a promise of a job ninety percent of all my tools
4:16are all of a job people we stuff in the garage in the server thank you for
4:21everything from the garage a little dust pan
4:26the globe room course I got out of a job glove
4:30everyone’s going to need gloves there are those times that a
4:34you got a crackdown stuffing their prickly bush’s stuff like that
4:40a good hammer get a good flight jammers always
4:44some you need no after do a truck and trailer combo
4:50you want to get a chain like this is switching
4:54here good to these chains
4:58same size thing like you want to get this
5:07this is my gran combo
5:09I’ll show you why you need a change thereby ask me why don’t you have a dog
5:13track every laugh at me
5:14adult trailer a real ass for me
5:17but I don’t have a contract but the price would own trailer
5:22cost you about five to six thousand dollars
5:28back and get you
5:29526 trailers value of users trailers for don’t realize
5:33what i do. attaching rehear on both sides
5:38goes down the bottom backup
5:42and then when you downloading you put everything on top good you Tasha
5:47came together to another chain in at the dump usually have a hook
5:53and you can hook it all out and make it all at once and it works really good
5:57had done it hundreds of times and it works
6:00and I’ll do a different video about that later on
6:11gon on
6:14this is my van I use for
6:17for my demolition jobs the hot tub
6:21you always want to have a far far show you denied
6:28by a rigid falls off my
6:31tell you that right now I want to be like 40 by Milwaukee by mickey out by
6:36something that will be more
6:37going through is rigid to work for the first couple jobs but I guarantee you’re
6:41going knocking like any
6:43going to come more dollars I guess
6:46because I view the files of the prime and it works great
6:50to believe that you buy
6:54the point that you buy
6:57incurred the Milwaukee sawzall
7:03axe with the biggest plays they have the biggest plays that are made to have a
7:07Home Depot
7:08I don’t know Kirby have on the border output Home Depot
7:12appreciably news camp
7:20the and I carry a lot of tools
7:23I carry a lot of tools in this truck
7:27carper blade for cutting our carpet North
7:30does I would be carving knife in your truck you don’t need all the stuff right
7:34at once
7:34I’m just some stuff you need course your chain to do your polling
7:39extension cords in a good socket set %um it really good socket set in Lhasa
7:45and also other parks
7:58I do some jobs that are smaller jobs have
8:01and contract stuff all a tarp on the ground and operating on it wrapped tarp
8:07over it
8:08so when a good the dog all I get is pulled the tarp works every time and
8:14guitar pop jobs so you know
8:24in this is a world where you wanna get they want you to keep on the caricature
8:28temper at the candidate Home Depot provides
8:34make sure you get a good rate direct that Riley Frank Generac
8:40have sharp pointy ears picture be dolo simple stuff out
8:50she’s up there in the corner hanging on the wall
8:52separated need up
9:01also make sure you give
9:05a plotter got a computer
9:08this isn’t hard to do you can do it yourself I’ve done all this myself
9:11part cost about six hundred dollars you can get a later on
9:16or you can have someone do it for you expect to get out from under Korea
9:19I’m Shiki tech
9:22their place here in Reno Nevada pick myself plotters I think use of money
9:27called fifty if the key get from vinyl you might want to make sure you from
9:32high-grade vinyl
9:33and a lot for longer be able so it’s called Fiji check
9:38in its called a plotter no-cut you the stickers home
9:42this is a somewhat simple trick for the trade the tools you need
9:46all you need truck and trailer come will be your business
9:49negro get your big truck and get another truck
9:53but you want to try grow your biz for brand your business
9:56I’ll with the good name made a catchy
10:01where Brady knows your junk removal company
10:05and don’t get lost in your identity you can make sure people know that your junk
10:09removal company
10:10fell this is about all the trade
10:13the junk mob job Moda com check it out