How to Start a Business with No Money


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0:01the hey guys its trend here from the online income what happened today
0:05I wanna give you what was given to me in terms of business advice
0:11number years ago had a profound influence on my life however
0:15time that I was given the advice I was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard
0:19here it is the best way to succeed in business is to be in business and I
0:24while thanks Dick Tracy that’s really profound
0:28because I really didn’t get it and years later it
0:32made a lot of sense to me and from this piece of advice I
0:35created what I call my Green Dot theory so
0:38bear with me as I explain this to you I’ll because I think it’s going to make
0:42a lot of sense
0:43and hopeless gunfire you okay so when you first
0:47come up with your idea maybe it’s for an authority cider
0:52any kinda business you’re thinking of unique and yourself
0:56hey I’m gonna go out there and you rate this business plan or whatever and I’m
0:59gonna sell
1:00green dots and I’m gonna be like the best green dot sales guy
1:03or the best green dot business at the best green dot website
1:07ever and you go out and you
1:10in you probably stock and so that’s kinda disappointing
1:15and one of the things that people do
1:19is they give up and that’s really sad when that happens in a course
1:23that’s gonna prevent you from going on having success however
1:27some other people don’t give up and some other people they go oh
1:31I should probably have more colors for this so they go out and they discover
1:37and I’m in a row to coerce organs gonna do accordion green and red dot
1:41but you get the idea they discover
1:44as a byproduct tryna
1:47figaro how to sell more green dots
1:50they discover these things that there’s there’s like a
1:53Red Dot opportunity out there and so they kinda scrap
1:58what they were doing here and now they adjust their business
2:02to Gordon’s already dots and things get a bit better
2:10when they were over here coming up with their business plan
2:14they didn’t even know it red dots existed but they’re still not doing very
2:19well they’re just kinda scraping by and
2:21you know not great however what happens is at this point
2:26they discover anything they don’t have enough for workers docs
2:30are I’m going to modify my doctorate live rating on camera they discover
2:36green squares and
2:40so they again adjust the business model and now they start selling green squares
2:45and business picks up
2:46a little bit more and
2:51now when they start
2:55selling their green squares like I say
2:58business picks up but they’re still not achieving the level of success that they
3:02want so
3:04now while there out there trying to figure out
3:09how to sell more green squares they discover
3:13that there are in fact or their
3:17is in fact and opportunity two starts on red triangles
3:22again back here you had no idea
3:26red triangles even exist and so when you finally get so when they’re
3:31when they’re here now business is picking up again and
3:35as you can see this country continues we could we could make
3:38you know dont squares triangles they were gonna make red squares
3:42now hopefully
3:46you’re getting the the message trying to convey
3:50the best way to succeed in business
3:53is to be in business if you’re reading about being in business
3:59or your thinking about being in business or you’re procrastinating about being in
4:04business or your
4:05talking about being in business you’re never gonna discover
4:10red squares or black boxes or whatever it is
4:15that the journey being in business will help you to
4:19uncover so my point my message
4:23in this video is
4:26the most important thing for you to do is to simply
4:30start for those of you who followed my my
4:34my history in my blog for a while you know you’ll know
4:37before getting into this business in creating on income while
4:41I started a company called Iran systems back in 2001
4:45in the beginning are green dot
4:48was we were just gonna so IT services
4:51so small businesses time and materials for send a guy out
4:55Hill picture computers and will charge you I’ll
4:59like 70 or 80 bucks an hour and I was so
5:02ill-informed or so naive about business back then that I had no idea what a
5:07or business that was going to turn into being
5:10and we struggle with our green dots and
5:14we make any monies matter we lost a lot of money
5:17on a lot in the first years when we struggle with a green dot for about six
5:21and then thankfully and I don’t remember I I guess I just started to pay
5:26attention to the competition
5:28somebody told me to pay attention to competition I discover that there was a
5:32better way
5:33to deliver our services first ball and that
5:37discovery only happened when we were in a competitive situation for an account
5:43and we were told that we were gonna lose
5:46and in a course that was really disappointing because it was gonna be
5:50we were pitching we’re gonna show I think for like happy per week
5:54and charge the client like a her dollars a month because we really want to get
5:57regular monthly fee cuz you know having continuity in your business
6:02steady cash what makes life a lot easier the other company
6:06which ironically enough is no longer in business today with it that’s cuz they
6:10were a doc column
6:12we still they were going to deliver services over the Internet
6:1624 hours a day in a return for monthly
6:20now before I started around you think that I knew that business model existed
6:24now I did not have the foggiest idea me
6:27and it never in a million years would have popped out of the sky occurred to
6:31because I chose to get into business and then I
6:34was competing against this other company for account
6:37bar the light bulb I simply became aware
6:40there was another opportunity to generate revenue in a different way
6:45deliver services never would have figured out a mile
6:49happily moral stories we won that account
6:52because we immediately I caught I said to look
6:56I mean I take my books report the guy I said Los
6:59listen could you not award the contract to the other company
7:03any two days that’s all I need is two days he said alright you guys
7:071ba your Yorkshire I’ll give you two days
7:10and so he’d think we told you this other company was we went to the company’s
7:14website discovered what they were using
7:17and with some software we’ve never heard of
7:20and it was produced by Cisco I believe a Cisco
7:24anyway we call them up and we give more bleeding heart story and so we have no
7:27money can you give us the software like on a monthly pay and they
7:30they did we call the customer back and said okay what we’ve got all that fancy
7:34delivered on the internet stuff too and we’re gonna do it for 20
7:3720 or 25 percent less than the other company and he said all right
7:41you got the deal and that was the very first customer
7:46that we had with our new Red Dot because we really weren’t so on the same thing
7:52and and business continued to pick up over time cuz as we went further and
7:56further into that business
7:57we figured out that we could add backup services that we can add security
8:02server monitoring all this other stuff
8:06that when I was the entrepreneur with a business plan
8:09and a pretty don’t want to partner at that I had absolutely no idea
8:14that stuff existed so
8:17hopefully today’s video has given you some inside
8:22into some things that may not occur to you before you watch it
8:25you have got some new insights by the way I’d love it if you
8:28left them in the comments below know what’s the proprietary
8:32you don’t want you know maybe a competitor hearing it but there some way
8:35that this video
8:36help you to move forward that kind of feedback really really floats my boat so
8:39please take a moment to share
8:42and what my hope for you is is that you’ll get fear
8:46dow uncertainty and procrastination and
8:49kick its ass out the door and just start
8:53online businesses cost not thing to create
8:56right spot don’t have the office today called the hundred dollar store
9:00and it gives story after story after story
9:04a people who went on to change their lives
9:07to build businesses that created six-figure incomes in some cases they
9:12started for under a hundred bucks
9:14when didn’t get it right right from the get-go
9:18and nor will you get it right right from the get-go
9:21but what I promise you is a few just watch this video
9:26and you do anything with the knowledge that I giving you in this video
9:30week from now months from now your life is going to be exactly the same as it is
9:35if you have an idea for an authority site
9:38but you’re coming up with all the reasons why it might not
9:41workers might not do this might not get any traffic
9:44or what have you where will you be two weeks from now
9:49on the couch watching TV by in somebody else’s course
9:52read another book or another blog post but you will not be
9:56in business and if you’re not in business
9:59this cannot applied you
10:02so the lesson here is the best way to succeed in business is to
10:06be in business so go ahead
10:10and start a business its internet you can have one started
10:14in an hour what’s your excuse
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