How to Get a Front Page Listing on Google in 48 Hours, FREE


Complete Video Transcript

0:01height my name’s revere in and I’m here to
0:03show you how to get your business listed on Google Places a step-by-step tutorial
0:08to get your business on the first page good results within 48 hours
0:12even if you tap website so why use Google Places
0:16what traditional advertising is on the decline print
0:20TB radio ad spending is falling in predicted to continue
0:24year when was the last time you use your pages to find business
0:29well on site and so your customs but online such activities on
0:34rights ninety percent to form like a MASH such as end up making the patches
0:38offline bricks and mortar business sense eighty-two percent
0:42local searches follow-up offline buy and install visit
0:45phone call or purchase seventy-three percent
0:49online activities related to local content the festival
0:53Google Places appetizing is framed so how can customers find you
0:59on the Google search engine on a3 key locations
1:02Google search results festival their the paid listings
1:06otherwise known as at once and as you can see these listings appear
1:10at the top and to the right the Regulus at such results
1:14you have to pay to be here and the cost-per-click
1:17can range anything up to 1024 E fifty dollars
1:20per click type person that comes to your website so it’s not that cheap white
1:25but traffic to your site second place she could be found on Google is in the
1:31organic section shall such as you can see it here
1:33towards the bottom the first page in order to appear high
1:37these results you need to have affair i’m standing search engine optimization
1:42which involves
1:42a variety of different processes to bring Google
1:46to your site and get them to rank you high is being very relevant to your
1:52competition for these results is incredibly high
1:55and take it takes a long time to climb up the organic search results
1:59so if you want to get your business in front at your local customers quickly
2:03this is not the way to do it and the third way
2:08is the local business results nah she can see these appear between
2:11sponsored links that they at the top and you can accent results at the bottom
2:16this is prime real estate and that’s what we’re gonna talk about today
2:20soul three listing touched up benefits
2:23pay-per-click Google AdWords is past
2:26but expensive organic search results for free
2:30but take a lot of time effort to work for you
2:33and the local business results give you the best parts
2:37you can be listed practically instantly and it doesn’t cost anything
2:41so this tutorial is can focus on the local business listings to show you how
2:45to achieve fast free results
2:47and getting listed in the local business results is vital feel for his pants
2:52because this %uh they display type of the organic search results at the very
2:56top with a natural instincts
2:58there’s also a large map let next to it like a business results that attract
3:02attention to him
3:03and the local business listings are displayed in the absolute prime
3:07online reinstate such as looking for medical supplies
3:10are likely to find your competitors in these local business results
3:14even if they don’t find you so
3:17how to add your business to go replacements well you want to go to www
3:23Google dot com forward slash
3:26local forward slash out and you need to login
3:31now if you have any kind would be good counsel ready for example gmail account
3:35you can use those credentials to login if you don’t already have any kind
3:39Google account just click the Sign Out Now button and follow the instructions
3:4412 Lochte click the list your business link
3:49which you can see it pairs about halfway down right hand side
3:52I think it will place its home page you then be presented with the full
3:58to fill in your business details completeness using your primary business
4:03address and your money
4:04local business telephone number try to avoid using Skype number a free phone
4:09toll-free number when he cut marketing tracking numbers
4:12as these will confuse Google Maps usually go to businessman
4:17and the physical address you actual business again
4:20PO Box is not ideal provide a keyword rich description and do business
4:25and entries many relevant categories is good will allow you to turn
4:29when you’re choosing the categories there are some strategies that you can
4:34he hates
4:34for example create new categories based on you optimum keywords
4:39keywords to search terms that people type into search engine to find local
4:43businesses to buy from
4:45an example might be an Italian restaurant bachelors
4:48war personal China Boston remember also that some people who uses that casual
4:54part to the state capital
4:55house cuz instead a place nine so ensure that your cat agrees
4:59your keywords include those options as well
5:0330 first step is to discover what are the key words for your business
5:07what people going to be searching for when they’re looking for what he washer
5:12in internet marketing everything revolves around he wants
5:15Google Places is no different
5:19now look at the map Google +1 an estimated where your business is
5:23actually located
5:24make sure that it does correctly identify the location your business and
5:28if it doesn’t
5:29use the link below the map to fix it
5:34now i’d as many details as you can think of about your business
5:37include what payment methods you can accept cashed check bank transfer credit
5:42card cell
5:44the more information you enter the easier it is for customers to find you
5:48and you can also add up to 10 photographs to make your listing March
5:52for example you might include products photographs start photographs
5:57photographs recent events and so on you can add up to fight videos
6:02and you might use a virtual tour video or a promotional video for a product
6:07also include any other details relevant to your business the customers might
6:11find useful
6:13this information can be edited anytime so don’t be afraid to at something
6:18will come back and add it later
6:21once you’ve completed listing pretty town should be asked to validate your
6:24business with Google
6:26and you can do this by fact who bypassed I’m
6:29if you choose the phone option Google will call you back instantly
6:33so be compassionate call this is the preferred option as it takes effect
6:38alternatively you can ask a plantation by postal mail
6:42and Google will send you a postcard it my this takes about two to three weeks
6:46to my thing you need to deal with it but since you get it
6:50in both instances should be getting a five digit PIN number
6:54once you receive pin number enter it into the Google Places dashboard to
6:58activate listing
7:00and well %uh you now listed now it may take 24 to 48 hours before your listing
7:06to be finalized by good once I start with him such assaults
7:09in the meantime and impeaching you can access the dashboard and optimize your
7:13listing for the buyout
7:15photos videos p plans events and special teams
7:19coupons in particular enhance your listing and attract more customers
7:24so what else can you do to increase your online visibility few business
7:28first we’ll get social pick your business onto the hot social networks
7:32like Facebook
7:33Twitter LinkedIn you cheapy MySpace and so on
7:37and build a community North Platte constants
7:40make sure your business is missed can additional directories engines
7:45check get messed it up ok to see if you already have a listing their
7:48and if you do claimants and make use it means you sites
7:52encouraging customers to leave reviews about you on prominent
7:55party sites like Yelp dot com Citysearch
7:59Bishop use get picked up by search engines and Google Places
8:02help to spread the word about your business and increase online visibility
8:07a word of warning don’t do
8:10fake reviews bike review sound exactly
8:13like what they are and reach denounces
8:16fake reviews usually get removed by site administrators moderators and sent to
8:21you know bennett et
8:22and fake reviews can even and you can make a chapel so don’t be tempted to use
8:26fake repeats
8:29now to business web sites and blogs if you don’t have one get one
8:34optimize your website by including your business night
8:37address and telephone number all pages have a contact page
8:41at a Google Map to it structured your site for search engine optimization
8:46also known as st and that means
8:49using things like keywords tax matters
8:52and so on and use a wide variety of sites search engine optimization social
8:57to maximize your exposure for example
9:01listing on Facebook be myspace big dicks tablet on
9:05YouTube it left a mansion I’m using articles and press releases
9:10most important to take action today put tutorial in this media
9:14in use today to get your business appearing in Google Places
9:18in the premium most X files when your target market will see you
9:2224 to 48 hours from now and stop putting the other suggestions to practice right
9:28because remember he white you competitors point
9:32but what if you don’t have time well I can complete look at the place is an
9:36online directory listings for you
9:38I can set up and maintain social media campaigns for you
9:42I can do about that implemented details of my marketing strategy and action plan
9:46tailored specifically for your business it doesn’t cost
9:50anywhere near as much as you think and can really make the difference in
9:53keeping your business
9:54frontline your customers minds and competitive in today’s
9:58day each online marketing is optional anymore
10:02so you have no excuse stopped
10:06please do contact me for a free consultation I can help you market your
10:10business online
10:11where you find out where your customers are an increase your sales and profits
10:14not be pleased to have a one-on-one tough and chap
10:17here no obligation and no cost to discuss
10:20where you need to go and how you can get there thanks very much much speedier
10:24hope it’s the useful to you please deboers
10:26me at WWW dot ruby red top aides
10:30I hope so he said