How Should Devops be Integrated into Your Business?


The word “streamlining” has been used all too often in the business world. It’s said whenever the need arises to make cuts or boost efficiency, but can sometimes sound empty. Streamlining could be used in just about any context, but where devops is concerned, it’s pretty apt.

Devops is a term used to describe links between software development, product management and operations managers. A growing number of companies worldwide are using it to help maximise profits and ensure every project large and small is run smoothly. Recent research suggests companies using devops experience increased customer satisfaction and efficiency.


Making devops part of your business might, from a distance, seem like a chore. However, it is not that difficult. All you need to do is take a few simple steps in each area and you will be ready to take on numerous challenges further down the line.


If your business has an online presence, your devops system should begin with the building of a website and infrastructure capable of dealing with thousands of customers. The code used for websites, apps and so on should be free from mistakes and thoroughly tested. This requires a lot of work, but flawless code means fewer problems.

During the testing phase, it might be worth your while getting some devops experts in. A company such as Sogeti can go through your website, servers and any other digital products page by page, spotting even the tiniest error. Even one misplaced character in a single line of code could undo days and weeks of hard work.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Increase Customer Satisfaction


The next step on your devops journey should be preparation for upgrading your entire tech operations. This will involve more testing, but it also needs time to prepare your product or service for sale. That means:

• Making sure each team that works on devops is regularly communicating with each other
• Ensuring whatever is produced for the customers e.g. website is as quick as possible
• Regularly checking and updating your live product or service to provide the best customer experience

The last point is a major principle of devops best practice. It requires constant monitoring of data such as web traffic and time spent on-page to see where improvements can be made. Monitoring can be done internally or by an external company – it depends on how much work is needed. To keep your devops operation going, it is essential that you take care for each step. Start off with a small project to help acclimatise to devops and, from there, you can tackle bigger projects.