How Mark Cuban Decided He Couldn’t Work for Anyone Else | Inc. Magazine


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0:00the mill
0:06there’s a third time in every on spinners life when he realizes that
0:10down this is his calling released that he can’t bring it up to work for anybody
0:15that he’s an entrepreneur when to them on a company bomb
0:19I had a job out of college arm working for a bank
0:23for a short period of time mellon bank and I am
0:27decided to buffer strip arm
0:30it might’ve been take magazine this way back when but there’s an article
0:33about using changing something and how you deduct SOC
0:37are you save Social Security from employees paychecks
0:40and let I literally had been working there for three weeks and so I send it
0:44to the CEO of Mel obey
0:46hair by you might be interested in as little as the guy could ever heard of
0:50I dunno Beck said thank you nothing in OK got my whole job model modem
0:54in taking a job working for somebody was to help them become more profitable
0:57that’s where I always looked at and then I started a Rockies club
1:00were I reached out to some executives in all the people would start at the same
1:05mellon bank we’d all go out and get a drink and we get this executive star
1:09and I didn’t like run it through my boxer anything
1:12and so my boss at the time com calls me and said you’re doing this as i said
1:17yeah thinking he’s got a great
1:18to stir school remain at Mia remember me
1:21how could you do this you know everything to me you work for me yes I
1:25knew I was in Destin there and then
1:27arm I a left and I went down to
1:31mom and Uptown Dallas and got a job working for a company called your
1:36business of work
1:37and we were result software and I didn’t know anything about software to one
1:42computer class in indiana and kinda cheated to pass arm
1:46but not that I condone that but mom
1:49I um
1:53and so I I had a customer and I i top might stay up all night teach reading
1:58after you know computers were new and technology was new on this technology is
2:02new so
2:02know we had a head start on me because I was changing so rapidly like it is today
2:06that if I just put in the time I can learn as much as anybody else
2:09and so I taught myself i’d stay up late reading software manuals
2:12on Thomas up different no simple programming languages
2:16and kept getting bigger and bigger better and better but it was at a retail
2:20am wanna my responsibilities was to come in sweep the floor wipe down the windows
2:24are open a store
2:25and I had a customer who wanted me to come out there and close the deal
2:29and it was a fifteen thousand dollar deal 1500 are commissioned to me
2:33told my boss he said no you need to be there to open the store
2:36I made the executive decision that I was gonna go get a check
2:39cuz you know I was living six guys in a three bedroom apartment sleeping on the
2:44and the Czech man I can like not use the same holiday inn towels with holes in
2:48them that I’d stolen
2:49you know mom but anyway sup I went to pick up the check thank you when I came
2:53back and gave the check to my boss
2:55all would be forgiven and you know the sales cures all
2:59fired me fired me and so those back to back experiences
3:03confirmed what I already knew that that I was a shitty ass employees and then I
3:07better start mine
3:08the so I took Mike when
3:12I want to close the deal and he fired me I took the check back
3:15arm much stupid I might up they’re gonna play a bit about stupid
3:21arm could also have to do all the work to install it anyways and then I have
3:24anybody else who could
3:25the newness of work at integrated Accenture and so I started a company
3:29mom called micro solutions but before
3:32I can’t even get it off the ground om because I didn’t have credit to go by
3:36that software
3:37and I had to get credit set up and I really don’t have a way to get started
3:41so I went to this other comp and i said im you were looking to buy software from
3:45over here but got fired