Friday 15: Get your business listed on Google Search and Maps


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0:17my name is Whitney lina from Google’s get your business online teen
0:21and I’ll be your host today I’m pleased to introduce our guest
0:24Jade way jade is a community manager for Google Places for business
0:29in Mountain View Calif in today’s session will focus on getting your
0:33business on the map
0:35will discuss why it’s important for your business to be listed on Google Maps
0:39where your business can appear and how to setup and verify your business
0:43on Google Maps alright let’s get started J thank you so much for joining us today
0:48thanks so much with me I’m really happy to be here today set today we’re talking
0:52about getting your business listed
0:54with Google Maps he started explaining why that’s important for businesses
0:58sure so it turns out that one in five searches on Google has local internet
1:02which means that people are using Google to find information about local
1:05businesses and services
1:07when you have an air traveling a lot how to use Google maps to find information
1:11yes I do travel I N thankfully Google Maps is there i
1:15love when I’m when I’m traveling to look for local restaurants and shops every
1:19time in a new city
1:20use Google Maps to read reviews to make sure I find the best local spots
1:24I’ll check business our voice directions
1:27I also use the maps to find links to the actual this web sites in case any more
1:31information so
1:32and very happy those listings exists a very helpful
1:35I’m the same way just last month I wanted to get my car fixed
1:39I need to find a mechanic that was close to my house so use Google Maps in search
1:44for an auto mechanic
1:45I was super convenient I was able to see where all the closest mechanics were
1:49located right there on the map
1:50and there were two mechanics right around the corner from my house which is
1:54I was able to read descriptions and reviews about each one and that help me
1:58make my decision between the tail
2:00and it turned out to be really convenient cuz one was open early on
2:03Saturdays and I was able to just drop off my car and walk back to my house
2:07to wait while they worked on the car that’s very has occurred
2:10topics alright So Cal
2:14business get started creating a local listing for
2:17Google Maps a scene wanna start at WWW dot gov dot com slash places for
2:24if you have a Gmail or Google account I that’s just in my dress that’s already
2:28registered with Google
2:29you can just stop by signing in on the top right corner if you don’t already
2:33have a gmail my Google account
2:34just go and click get started for free to create one and it’s free
2:38%uh sometimes it’s tricky for people to figure out which
2:41my address they want to use so just make sure that whoever will be updating the
2:45listing regularly
2:46is the person that register their register that the mall with that
2:50great so once you’re logged a and what do you do next
2:54it’s the first time you sign in you actually need to go through Google’s
2:57terms of services
2:59C-one a review that and then once you accept you can start creating a business
3:03so just get started by answering business details like the name of your
3:08I this is the way it’s gonna pee on the internet so just be careful not to make
3:11a type our
3:12I have the address and the phone number which will help people locate
3:15and contact your business you also want to enter category for business so just
3:20go ahead by
3:21are beginning to type a word that describes your business
3:24and you’ll see a list of options that automatically appear you definitely have
3:29to choose a category from this list
3:31without changing the where the phrase if you don’t see
3:35a category that you think fits perfectly just try some more try couple variations
3:39and on Sep 13 just sad wait until you find one that you think matches pretty
3:44so after you’ve chosen category that’s the closest match for your business or
3:49you can’t make clarifications and at your business that your
3:53you can at your business description to clarify the category for its not exactly
3:57so what is the businesses want to show their address on the map
4:01how we work with many people who work other homes on their service providers
4:05that this a customers and their locations see you do need to enter an
4:09address to a verifier listing with Google but it’s not require that you
4:13show this
4:13addressed publicly if you want to hide the address just select the checkbox
4:17that says
4:18my business has service areas my visit customers at their location
4:22and thus a pop up some additional options and information for your listing
4:26so you wanna on select the checkbox that says I serve customers at my business
4:31now you can specify your service area which is where you’re willing to go
4:35and serve your customers you can enter specifics a cousin cities if you want or
4:40you can specify radius
4:41around your business address applications that you’re willing to go
4:44for example if you live in Mountain View but you’re also serving the surrounding
4:49didn’t you could for example choose a forty mile radius around on View Calif
4:54or you could just list out all the surrounding cities that you’re willing
4:56to go to
4:57like I’ll also send email Santa Clara and so on
5:01okay great so what do you do after that basic business information is set
5:06the next step is to verify your business listing this helps Google
5:10make sure that your the business honor I and will send a PIN number to the
5:13address that US dead by a postcard
5:16you want to click the white box labeled verified by press card
5:20you can enter contact me if you need to I
5:23and make sure to look at the screen shot about postcard and watch out for that in
5:26the mail
5:27you should be receiving it and one or two weeks
5:30after you receive the postcard open it to access your pin number
5:34this pin numbers gonna work for 30 days you probably want to verify soon as you
5:39so soon as you get that postcard sign in to your account at WWW dot Google Doc
5:43com slash places for business
5:45and click on the button that says enter pin you can enter the pen and cement
5:50and from there your business should be verified if you end up waiting more than
5:54two weeks
5:55and still haven’t received a postcard you can sign into your account
5:58and ask for another postcard just by clicking the button that says request
6:01another pen
6:02I you just might want to double check to make sure the address you entered is
6:06as you want it to. great so once you’re fine
6:10how long will it take for your business listing to actually appear on Google
6:14so it can vary but the usual time between getting verified and
6:18being live in Google Maps is about a week summit now
6:21is that sometimes it takes a little bit longer from the link from the Google
6:25Places dashboard to work
6:27but the listing might still be alive so after waiting about a week
6:30you can check to see if the listing is life just by doing a google map search
6:33for your business
6:35so just log into Google Maps and typing your business name and the city
6:38and to see if the listing has gone live great so once a listing is verified
6:43much in a business entity next so you can actually continued to build out your
6:47business information
6:48been just as soon as you create account I’m you don’t necessarily have to wait
6:52for the verification process to finish
6:54after you’ve put in all the basic information you can click on and
6:58information from the home screen not more details about your business
7:01you can put stuff in my hours you can add photos you can write a description
7:05not kinda stuff the stuff is technically optional but it seems like a really
7:10great idea
7:11because that way customers can learn more about your business as they’re
7:14searching online
7:16this also help global pair you up with more searches: you can click on the grey
7:19pencil icon on the side
7:21to make changes and that information and always remember to save every change
7:24because it’s a pain to
7:26these are working yep it’s important to keep information is up-to-date as
7:31I a great example this entire war mother is if you have extended summer hours are
7:35if you’re close down
7:36for the holidays I something you might want include that in your business
7:40ok so that is a lot of information really helpful
7:43can we see example other published business listing
7:46sure thing here’s a great example okay so I see it has all the information that
7:51I need
7:51any other tips for optimizing a bizarre things that looks more like this
7:55yeah so just make sure that if you’re verified this isn’t
7:58you remember to go back and obtained your information on a regular basis
8:03just to keep everything up today and current it’s also important to use good
8:07spelling and grammar just to make sure you sound super perfect
8:10super professional online I’m represent your business really well
8:14and then another great way to represent your business is to have pictures
8:17us you can show your business what customers are looking on the map and
8:20make sure you take advantage and I’ve got pictures that showcase your business
8:25lastly I you should encourage your happy customers to get your listing on Google
8:29write reviews about your business great
8:32I read reviews on the time side if I think that’s a good tip here is a small
8:35business question I received recently
8:38I did not create a Google Maps listing for my business but when I do a search
8:42on Google Maps
8:43I see my address my house at I’m
8:46so Google actually gathers data from many sources not just business honors
8:50to show information on Google Maps so even if a business center has been
8:54created a listing the business might still appear on Google Maps
8:58so if you do find your address on google maps it’s still important to sign in to
9:01Google Places
9:02and become the verified business owner of this listing
9:06because it allows you to have input into the listing and have a little more
9:09control over it
9:11it’s likely that if we if we grab the listing from
9:14another data sources only have the basic information when I was automatically
9:18you probably want to add more to it you can correct any inaccuracies that are
9:22there and you can make updates and add additional information like ours and
9:26photos that my
9:27are to be on there great some really helpful information so that businesses
9:32can figure out how to get a listing on Google Maps thank you for joining us
9:36your welcome thank you so much for having me if you’re watching let’s talk
9:39about your action items
9:41start by searching for your business on Google Maps
9:44try searching for your business name in the city and if you see it
9:47great you can sign into Google Places for business and claim the listing
9:52once verified you can make updates and changes
9:55if your business does not appear on Google Maps sign in to Google Places for
9:59and start from scratch using the directions that we covered today
10:03to create their fine build-out your listing on Google Maps
10:07thank you again for joining us today to watch past episodes
10:10this is the Friday 15 archive at WWW
10:13got you I do. dot com slash Friday 15
10:17on behalf of the entire get your business online teen I wish you great
10:22growing your business up