Footage from Youth Enterprise Live Business Insurance


Complete Video Transcript

0:06there are like youngsters out their web really great ideas
0:10stop business at the right
0:11we want to do is to make them aware of that opportunity to make sure that they
0:15don’t fall
0:16first heard make this
0:21that’s all
0:23nowadays front me
0:26yes in any way
0:28think like this
0:34we have about a million young people as well we’ve never in 30 years
0:39in this country had less than half a million people of the world
0:42and in a competitive world and
0:45economic differences we need to give young people
0:48every possible opportunity and held advised sport cars to be able to find
0:55their routine to work in England I
0:57a list of ideas I’ll make mental notes possibly that province
1:01hope that there be problems our main
1:04a minute to get young people inspired
1:08City in live with that thought the night but it is like getting a job important
1:14giving young people a platform to
1:15to really express themselves in up to the free to move about and connect with
1:19as many people as possible and really give them an opportunity a pipe bomb
1:23to understand lots of training they need to go through the haunted to really not
1:27be titled The Lost Generation
1:28need a break that barrier I think God and their
1:31things I didn’t stop there as an people like you
1:36redeeming value we me
1:38young people and
1:45we can win might be more creative and more innovate
1:49what I discovered in my life and I live several decades
1:52is that your working life was so much easier
1:56if look what you doing if you really a profession there
2:00you going to pride light after median facts about bringing young people
2:06and allowing them to think I’m sad I hope he will lead people into making
2:09more informed decisions about that keep
2:12seven years ago I’m 22 and I’m
2:15to low-income like my family company their website student teams
2:19called seven yet on campaign backed by people
2:22and beat had a good many investors I
2:26K fight yeah but sheehy available
2:30people and beyond
2:32in Brillion I me faithful people
2:35and but many fun different aired
2:41employment young people Employees International that’s what we do
2:45young people
2:46field be better about them to go to bed
2:52think it’s pretty critical times he thought leadership
2:5534 from millions of people unemployed young population
2:59okay netted month business the
3:02cheaper than it’s worth love eighth
3:05here be still
3:09passion point detailed
3:14anything yet yeah I didn’t need
3:19and 1990
3:22tank like me
3:24i cant thank you
3:28you look tonight
3:31K in love me thanks
3:34well we don’t know how many
3:43my city and is reduced I
3:47home people to to get you
3:51hit me pocket
3:53these fantastic way to 100 me young people to iraq’s unseen
3:57water restoration sorry I didn’t
4:01connecting with you
4:03a reason to think about grinders remain in the world
4:07so the ability to make things right place by
4:10I think the whole numbers around you
4:13funny how very troubling I’m we don’t need to be as depressed as we are
4:17if we see the young people on in the back seat
4:20their own lives they have two options and they should be absolutely told
4:24self-employment is one of those options all too often we get safe ok down a
4:29school in politics helping to define
4:31unemployed will it doesn’t need to be that every young person she told the
4:36himself is an option for me doesn’t mean they have to do it to starting a
4:40business could be right
4:41freelancing could be right all of these options are available