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Complete Video Transcript

0:00everyone my name is Robert Aldrich and a president
0:03marchers insurance services we r full-service consulting firm located
0:08throughout the United States
0:09today’s beer discussion is good you will learn about business insurance
0:13you might be watching this video because you I know or the tires how much they
0:18cost and what exactly is it so
0:20here’s a review over summer this and I’m also make some other areas that goes
0:24into this and more deaths so
0:27also most business insurance policies have far-reaching casually
0:31want to get they also usually include Liouville
0:34which is what you always knew by the way my hat former Schelotto
0:39maybe some buildings things that you my all workers compensation for employees
0:44are business interruption insurance and scripted policies are things like that
0:49for hackers akers up sports star seems that features
0:54you are business now problem cuz you’re usually off together
0:58are they cover things like property Gary H
1:01other things to do property said things that nature and that’s why they’re
1:05usually lumped together
1:06%uh liability we are you we live in a world where everybody soo happy
1:11and my house negligence that because employees things that nature
1:16if you don’t have proper liability cover it’s a major company
1:19you’re done you’re out of business commercial RO
1:22up again it’s it’s another race because we have commercial vehicles out there on
1:26the road
1:27chances are they’re probably have access maybe so
1:31Bowl for you or not but we want to make sure you’re covered
1:34as well bill his as well workers compensation
1:38every state requires it and that’s one of the things you gotta look at
1:41sometimes workers farmers usually several policy
1:45well like this video business insurance here
1:48a couple of dollars together and it’s also coming
1:51all car you on certain businesses was need certain things are writers
1:56versus other businesses for example are your business sells alcohol
2:00or liquor thing I want is my have a writer for liquor liability
2:05I game each businesses differ any key to proper risk management as having a
2:10conversation with your broker
2:12and we just said okay would you got worse is that was locations how much do
2:17you in this business
2:18how many employees think we look at all the risks so we can probably do a quote
2:23similar to the underwriters that we’re not paying for sure said you don’t need
2:27therefore you see yourself some money ask you need to alter our
2:31risk management insurance so we look at all these different things we also look
2:35at it for riders
2:36other exposures you may have it might have you know whereof
2:39and we get your proper full so can we would like to close with a
2:43yeah me ask you for the opportunity for your business work with your company
2:47the sea work proper risk management we can put on your business for you and
2:51your business
2:52thank you very much for talking books the lower