Business Dining Etiquette – Part 1 of 3


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0:06and now I like to introduce you to Lisa Richie one at the top
0:09etiquette consultants in the country Lisa will talk to submit about dining
0:13etiquette so that we can conduct ourselves in a professional manner
0:17we were sitting on a meal Lisa Richie
0:20hello i’m lisa taylor Richie and I am the founder and president
0:26and the American Academy of at ICAP we teach children and adults
0:31from all walks of life social skills today we’re going to focus on dining
0:36which is a very important aspect is she moved into your adult life
0:40and into your careers we’re gonna discuss
0:43all aspects a casual setting as well
0:46as a formal setting and dying today you can see that we have
0:52a formal setting here in front of Best we have the bread plate with a butter
0:56knife me Brad
0:57I salad fork at dinner fork of course our dinner plate
1:02and napkin dinner knife and a span at the top of the table setting
1:07we have a desert setting which is the fork for cake and spoon for ice cream
1:12you also see here that I have a better plate
1:16with butter some pepper shaker a bread basket
1:19wine glass water glass and in different situations you’ll either have
1:24a coffee cup and saucer set thatcher table saying from the beginning
1:28oftentimes in more formal settings the coffee
1:31couple be served with desert the for starters
1:38I’m going to demonstrate the beginning and female
1:42and at the very beginning at the mail as you sit down
1:45the first thing that you do she take nap can you put it in your lap
1:49the Mac Innes all taken away from the table
1:53its unfolded underneath the table
1:56and the market goes in your lap and I’m going to stand up so you can see
2:01the folder from goes toward my waist
2:05and the reason being is to top the quarter up from nap time
2:09on use it to wipe your mouth and then it goes back
2:13underneath the table what is great napkin
2:16at home
2:21wow he I have to get this question and
2:24I meant business functions all the time and it never fails
2:29I’m sitting at a table at HR eleven people it never fails
2:33someone always eat on the run bread plate
2:36or uses the wrong one glass of water glass still
2:39absolute easiest way for you to remember with your bread plates located
2:44is BMW and we all know about a BMW
2:48on the way that translate to have your bread
2:52your meal and your water I got and that’s BMW
2:56red meal water I promise
2:59you’ll never forget the correct way to keep Brad
3:07on again we’re going to visualize that we are at a
3:10I’ve table maybe let’s say and five to six people
3:15so this may be passed so as I’m pass the butter
3:18I take a small about a batter with my butter knife and I play set
3:24on my bread and butter plate with a knife
3:27the butter knife at the top plate I
3:30continue to pass this on our roundtable now here is another common dining
3:37a lot of times people walk slice for Brad
3:40and better the whole peace to Brad and
3:43actually its wine bite sized piece at a time
3:47so I’m going to demonstrate for you
3:50tear of wine bite size pieces of bread at a time
3:55and you butter that peace over the bread plate
3:59and take a small amount of batter missing your butter knife
4:03and see how this shapes somewhat it’s well it’s actually much smaller
4:06bad let’s say and I’ll show you here I don’t like it this is all that you’re
4:11giving your social situation this is perfectly fine
4:14and it will do but often you will see a butter knife
4:18at your place starting to take a small amount about you places on
4:22a small bite and you take the bread one
4:25bite size pieces at a time and that is the correct way
4:29eat bread and butter the I don’t want to demonstrate
4:36American and Continental style dining and believe it or not
4:41when the most common mistakes but I still when the most common dining
4:44mistakes that he sees the role
4:46individuals hold their fork and knife I want to clear up that difference between
4:51American and Continental style dining
4:54many believe that it is absolutely correct combined the two methods
4:57and it really isn’t so first I’m going to go over
5:01American style dining in this is actually still the most popular way
5:05that we as Americans alt also its way to remember
5:09how to hold you worker to cut your food correctly yes
5:12this is Barry elementary been a absolutely works you hold out your palms
5:17you can’t balance your fork on your night
5:20on your index fingers and that’s what make sure
5:24you any absolute correct cutting position
5:28CC it’s balanced on my index fingers you turn it over
5:32on your absolutely ready for a perfect cutting position
5:37on here we have nice chicken breasts I’m going to cut into the top 10
5:43nice good at the top of the plate the poor old
5:47faces and toward me i switch hands
5:51now I’m demonstrated for a right-handed person I’m
5:54today I switched hands my left hand goes
5:57into my lap and you can feed I’m holding my
6:02dinner fork like a pencil and is the easiest way
6:06to remember how to hold you for I’m going to show you some and cracked waste
6:10a whole just for kids
6:11things that I still as I teach a lot of times I
6:15full baths this is absolutely and cracked
6:19to make sure but you’re holding your fork
6:22like a pencil and therefore you’re ready to take a bite
6:26I’m going to show you now the resting position for american-style
6:31and the real you pritchard utensils
6:34when you are resting Black Friday you need to take a drink for you need to
6:38use your Mac and the rest position an American style dining
6:42it’s actually a Dan the knife is at the top of the plates
6:46the blades faces me your hand your left hand is in your lap remember I’m
6:51demonstrating for a right-handed person tonight is at the top of the
6:54plate plate facing an this is another common mistake
6:58often play it here but it does thanks you the blade faces you
7:02and the fork is placed below the night
7:05with a handle on the right hand side why can stop this gives you an opportunity
7:09to take a step 2 go Water
7:11or to say take step or had to use your
7:15your wine your wine glass now you may also use this as an opportunity
7:19to you should nap time and planned to take a nap in from your lap
7:24and just I wipe your mouth as much as necessary
7:31other stylish even is called continental
7:34or european-style dining and it’s very important that you know this as well
7:39say for example you are invited to an international luncheon
7:43or email Hansen opportunity to do business in another country
7:47it’s very important that you recognize continental style dining
7:51and I encourage you to try it it’s a very I like and quiet
7:54real in a very sophisticated way to alt I can you start
7:59in this position ex rel elementary
8:02at least you know you’re cutting correctly you balance if you’re
8:05right-handed you balance your fork
8:08in your left hand on your index finger taken my
8:12balance it on your index finger on the right-hand
8:15you turn them over and you Kat
8:18your peace love meter or vegetable
8:22and instead it’s what’s wrong you actually keep the fork and knife
8:27in your hands and if John noticed my rest
8:31actually rest on the table and then is absolutely correct and proper
8:35when you’re eating european-style so I
8:38you can take ketchikan
8:42I’m sorry actually lost at
8:46you can take your chicken and then times scaled-down
8:51on on the fork when you bring the check and are your bachelor party
8:55now and as you are chilling
8:58you keep your rest above the table and you continue to talk and haven’t great
9:04with those that are at a table the other great thing
9:07about it European style dining
9:10miss you can take many flavors onto your fork and I’m going to show you how to do
9:15night is considered a pusher so let fall for example
9:19I would like to take a bite of chicken and I happen to be a real 30 and I’m
9:23sure we have others out there
9:24but enjoy your food and you also let fame want to try
9:27a bite at these great roasted potatoes you can actually
9:31take the roasted potatoes and push it on up to your fork
9:36onto your forks to get a great bite at both the chicken and potato
9:40and you take it anti amount and that is a perfect example
9:44and European our continental style dining
9:48now West position for Continental or european-style
9:52is actually toward the bottom of the plate always actually crossed
9:57nice and the four car crossed and