Complete Video Transcript

0:05because I’m leaving today which is very sad but we are headed to Moscow so we
0:10should have a six-hour journey itself flight to Moscow we stand we need to
0:15stay there for six hours of a six hour layover which is another tiring but
0:20gotta power through it so we can actually walk around and do stuff and
0:25that’s why I’m blogging today I didn’t realize it was going to be voting today
0:29until I got told that so yes I thought to my bags I am ready to go let’s do it
0:49managed to get pretty decent deal great classes ago leg room because most of TV
0:59and then we can both stretch out suppose its ok I get it I do wish they would fly
1:18life the win
1:19there’s six I was that another six hours live in a floral tributes trip I’m gonna
1:26try get some work done
1:27amazing I think I fancy you is this russian girl who’s doing over
1:34demonstrate she’s very protective of a crucial because of business class lounge
1:45trying to figure out when everything was in russia now he’s basically said the
1:53polling time slugs 72762
1:59a little bit like many
2:04just very very good experience I had seized a Google Translate just played
2:12Russian yes everyone had to be like no idea what they were saying that this is
2:19something I’ve never seen the whole have a camera but displays on the TVs and
2:24that’s actually a camera outside the plane’s landing and taking away I mean
2:28we should know anyone looking in the window but at least we can see front
2:32yard look washed backwash back and some speakers cuz you know the little flimsy
2:38ones you always get
2:40we’re going we are going for every single angle in the book
2:47say it goes straight on view
2:51straight on
2:52that is so cool
3:03then it shows
3:06bird’s eye view
3:08ok let’s see what’s in it
3:10eruption could go ahead
3:19is this
3:21we’re going to get out
3:32we also have a pen USA depends
3:39we also have an eye patch patch and I have a show home and pretty pretty day
3:48soon I am impressed
3:50photo of sports
3:56think of having way too much fun
4:06in the sky
4:10I started with the seatback be ready let’s to lay down
5:32some editing of flow I have apple juice red wine and
5:40this I have no idea what it is but it looks pretty good service does because
5:43some salmon a very very lucky
5:51and the main course is lovely but now go home and
5:57laser thing at a time when screen
6:03press release
6:11price of just come off a flight that was honestly amazing the food was great
6:16flight was great I even set which was like the best thing we’ve now come
6:21through security basically came to the conclusion that we wanted to go around
6:25you know doing the kind of tourists taking pictures of different things just
6:29because we’re really worried about time because it takes 45 minutes to kind of
6:34get to solve the main tourist places and 45 minutes to get back and then we need
6:39to eat and all this other stuff and the rest of the crew from filming are really
6:43tired and I think everyone just wanted to just chill and just stay in a place I
6:48then went on my Twitter to find I was gonna say hundreds hundreds of tweets
6:55from you saying that europe the Red Square now I didn’t know what the Red
7:00Square walls but I think that’s like you know the main tourist attraction in
7:03moscow and I just want to show you this and I’m doing this because I just want
7:09to talk about this but this was this was a pitcher the one of you guys send me
7:14and there are so many of you there and I honestly have all my heart I’m so so so
7:21sorry I cannot be there if I had no waiting to be at this place I didn’t
7:29even know about a hundred percent worldcom but now I’m through security I
7:34can’t actually get out so as much as I really want to go now I want to make the
7:40effort to meet all of you and everything like that
7:42physically cannot do that because they will not let me which kinda does break
7:47my heart away I’m I do so really bad because you guys were saying you know
7:50you’re waiting there for two hours and different things through the hotel
7:54yesterday which is cool but I think the main thing as well for me this is kind
7:58of a massive shock in a way I never thought you’d be great at these places
8:05for me as I kinda crazy like I’ve never kind of really had that before like when
8:09we can enjoy you know is going places and has been events I pick on you kind
8:13of expect a little bit because people know you can be certain places but I
8:17honestly never thought I would have got back on
8:19reaction from russia and you know I love you guys so much and the most amazing
8:24time here and i know i will go on my way to come back here and we’ll have a huge
8:28meet up at red square or wherever and so I can meet as many of you as possible
8:33because I really do so horrible right now I feel like I’m disappointed a lot
8:39of people and I don’t want to do that but it’s still good
8:46it still amazes me go back to London Heathrow
8:59back in the UK and I have my bag I was very afraid my bag was gonna get lost I
9:06was like my biggest worry I always have
9:09will try but it’s actually the next day now because I was so tired I mean I just
9:17completely forgot about me I just came in and just went to bed straightway
9:22apologies for that but i just want to say thank you so much for watching these
9:26past couple of days is been so crazy I’ve overcome so many of my fears and
9:31I’m just had such a great time lows so great as well to me other youtubers and
9:36just be with other people for a couple of days and you never really get to know
9:39them was amazing hang out with Thomas yummy and JS emit small some friends and
9:44hopefully I can hang out with those guys again I just wanna I just want to keep
9:48on going on adventures after this I just want to keep exploring the world like
9:53never thought russia was like hi was an every week I had used in russia and
9:58thinking about you know just about that you guys were there waiting for me you
10:04wanted to meet me it just it just makes me when I just travel the world and meet
10:09you guys and I want to see like a kind of woke up this morning I was like I had
10:14such a fun time I just wanna go on like the world tour something I just wanna
10:19talk awhile you know potentially meet you guys wherever I go and just film and
10:24just do crazy things and just try and overcome every fear right having do
10:29everything I can just you know let you know that’s the most important thing for
10:35the Russia trip I hope you enjoyed it was a short three days it felt a lot
10:39longer than what it was it really did feel a lot longer because we had so much
10:43travelling involved anyway I’m gonna go hope you guys enjoyed I will see you