Why You Should Partner With A Big Chemical Distributor


After dominating the fields in their home countries, many chemical suppliers feel like they have hit a plateau when it comes to growth. If you are a representative for one of these major companies, you should seriously think about partnering with a Canadian chemical distributor to take your business to new heights.

What Chemical Distributor Would Make A Good Partner?

One distributor that you should consider is CCC Chemicals because they are a veteran company with a sterling reputation when it comes to their partners, suppliers and customers. They are one of the largest independent chemical distributors in the country and the tenth largest in all of North America. They were founded in 1920, which means they have been forging a path in their field and acquiring business experience for almost a century. They also have collected a long list of cutting edge chemical companies as their main suppliers of valuable, unique and innovative chemical solutions over the years.

Leading Chemical Distributor
Leading Chemical Distributor

If you decide to become this distributor’s newest partner, you will join the ranks of companies like Suncor Energy, Huntsman Polyurethanes, Regenesis Environmental Technologies and Akzo Nobel. These are leading chemical suppliers that have managed to make a stronger impact on the Canadian marketplace with the help of CCC Chemicals. For instance, one of their notable partners is the company Momentive Performance Materials, which is one of the largest producers of silicones and silicone derivatives on the entire planet — their representatives have admitted that this specific chemical distributor helps them reach their business goals. If these industry leaders are pleased with their decision to partner up with an accomplished distributor, then your company is likely to feel the same way.

What Will You Get Out Of The Partnership?

The ultimate benefit is that chemical distribution companies can help you successfully reach markets in a different country. They can help businesses reach the construction industry, the coatings industry, the energy industry, the municipal water treatment industry, and niche markets looking for environmental remediation or green chemistry products. They will know exactly what challenges and opportunities are out there, and who your competitors will be. Since they are familiar with the marketplace, it will be much easier for them to promote your brand, raise your sales and encourage loyal customers. In a short period of time, your company will reach Canadian customers without having to build a location in the country. If you need more incentive, they also offer other significant services for their business partners, including:

Chemical Distributors
Chemical Distributors

• Strategic digital marketing campaigns
• Awareness of the country’s standards, rules and regulations
• Strong customer service and quick response times
• Safe and efficient product delivery

Becoming a partner with a chemical distributor is an excellent way to expand your business. They can get your chemical products to reach marketplaces across Canada, gain more customers and solidify your reputation as a prominent company in your field. As you can see, the partnership has worked for other big-name companies in the past — it is bound to have the same positive results for your business.