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0:01hey everyone I’m new to this is Mike your global food do
0:04n in this video I’m gonna talk to you about the advantages of
0:07Amazon FB a and encourage you to
0:11take advantage love Amazon I mean it’s it’s a killer market you can be very
0:16profitable in it
0:17and let’s get into this right here the others getting your feet wet with it
0:21FB a you know amazon has over
0:24probably ten million Prime members okay and his prime members:
0:28on spend about a hundred fifty percent more
0:31than the average customer on Amazon okay so that’s a huge number there
0:36between a 150 percent I love a higher price
0:41that they won the span that’s the key there okay
0:45but they’re paying for convenience and the other steps is the
0:4810 million Prime members that’s a lot
0:52okay that’s a lotta members and only get into what Prime membership
0:55is here in a second but you know
0:5850 percent love Amazon’s customer base
1:02okay for the numbers I’ve heard and just seasonings and forms and stuff like that
1:07fifty percent of them shop FBI
1:11get a 50 percent have never shopped Amazon Marshall Field
1:17that may sound crazy that 30 percent up Amazon’s customers do not buy from
1:22third-party merchants
1:23alright this is were Amazon FDA is
1:26is kicking it up and the benefits are becoming a Prime member
1:30for customer are the free two-day
1:33shipping okay free two-day shipping and any purchase that is by a Prime member
1:39by Prime FB a seller or Amazon I means that the price at Amazon Performance
1:45and it’s going to get to them within to business days
1:48pretty amazing but this is what it will do for us. a sour
1:53and what it will do is its it’s gonna take you to the next level
1:57all right if you’re stuck right now and when he made a
2:00or doing other things and you just never dabbled into Amazon FB a
2:04I am Telling You this is right now
2:07the best option on the table for online e-commerce
2:11without a doubt hands down there’s more money be made
2:15with this Amazon FB than any other
2:18Avenue right now okay and
2:22where she does for you as a seller is free up your time
2:25all right we all know how valuable art I miss
2:29time is the biggest asset we have
2:32but it can also be your worst enemy alright
2:36I’m gonna give you guys a scenario here have two options
2:39okay you have two hundred orders now
2:43okay you use the store your stuff to get stuff going on
2:46you get $200 orders read it wanted two ways to her orders
2:51through immersion for filled an Amazon
2:54through e-bay that’s as in one day
2:57how long will take you to package all those up
3:00ship marked or do all other the crazy things that we’re so used to doing
3:04right the cast repackaging to her arms alright
3:08will it take an hour two hours
3:1110 hours you tell me alright
3:14I know how long it takes packed up to 100 items it’s not fun
3:18what if you can do Amazon FB a
3:21let them package it up right that’s what it’s all about
3:25freeing up your time he could understand this
3:29understand this method understands business set
3:32this mindset for Amazon FB a
3:36you’re going to be very very successful any probably on the path right now to
3:39doing that
3:40arm you know FB is not a new
3:43option it’s been around it’s been around for a while
3:46people are taking advantage of it and unfortunately there’s
3:50and miss you too but there’s now what we’re talking about okay
3:53leary’s 10 we want to talk about it because they’re makin money
3:56they don’t wanna share the secrets about it they’re afraid
3:59our new people gonna come in Amazon is so massive
4:03that even if tomorrow morning another 400,000 seller signed up
4:08I don’t think it’s gonna make a dent in anything there are so many different
4:11prices choose from
4:12right yes that was me and the next thing we
4:15Mike wood with what sells on Amazon what doesn’t sell on Amazon
4:20are I’m that’s the question to ask you know
4:23tollways brand new toys brand-new retell item stuff you can’t find it
4:27three stores in big box stores stuff I
4:31clearance makeup champ who I mean you name it
4:35okay yeah you know maybe down the road you know Amazon is our damn on some
4:40some vintage clothing some use calling but right now
4:44pages forget those you know dude do what’s right with those Abused also
4:49do my e-bay that’s what that e-bay to Ebay to
4:53alright you know things are going to sell faster
4:58for you animals on FB a you can enjoy bigger profits
5:01you’re gonna free up your time which is huge even one source more product find
5:05more items
5:06your skin email BAM sold alright cool wind up with my money
5:10when I’m a disbursement right
5:13its also the other benefits to the customer and the other and
5:17is the service with Amazon alright I mean
5:20they package up every product professionally
5:23professionally packaged it’s not just thrown together in a
5:26you know in a in a Walmart bag and shipped I mean it’s
5:29this is a widget corporation this is the big boy
5:33Amazon this is what we all want to be like one day right Amazon
5:36the you know so why not picky back with them
5:40and insert enjoying the benefits are becoming fpsr today
5:44alright arm I wrote on his quote here traits from Sam Walton
5:48alright and I think it’s a great quote arm you know if you don’t know sam
5:51walton is he is the founder of wal-mart
5:54but Amiri the core of here high expectations
5:58are the key to everything right
6:02everything high expectations
6:05I think about that you needed high expectations
6:08you need to be the best you can be
6:12think positive don’t let things bring you down set
6:15high expectations for yourself alright thats wife’s
6:19as trestle on my videos in a stress and all the place on Facebook
6:23positivity alright create goals
6:27that you can manage that you can reach
6:30and once you start creating these goals you will be unstoppable
6:34okay get amped year and we need to eat getting a
6:38I mean I’m stoked about Amazon FBI her right I mean I can’t stress enough how
6:43success I’ve had with it how much money are making with it
6:46and I can only hope that you do if you’re if you’re new
6:50and you just look at this video you got what it was like I do just
6:54dabble in it you don’t need twenty million dollars had to start to Amazon
6:57FB a
6:58take up on hours here and there should you can even start has gone through
7:02stores grab cells find items
7:04to the research see what sells in one sister figure it all out
7:09you’re gonna start making a lot of money and say man treat my time is the best
7:13thing I’ve ever done
7:15you know you need to encourage yourself you need to be encouraged he needed
7:18need to have the will to keep going in finding these items
7:22crying sources wholesale distributors all stuff like that
7:26you know you gotta have to discipline right
7:29if you’ve got a thousand dollars in your bank account its all you have right now
7:32in your mind up you you had a a car payment come up in a week or two
7:36you give 10 discipline with your money just don’t take all the thousand hours
7:41ago by something for Amazon
7:42alright this isn’t just you know our a quick goldmine thing we’re oh my god I
7:46gotta get in now gonna spend everything I’ve got no
7:49span what’s comfortable for you spend what is
7:53in your budget create the budget okay
7:57and the other thing is his consistency beacon system with Amazon
8:01send the packages every day if he can Amazon FB
8:04Sanomat every week Sanomat Waissel twice a week
8:08once a month whatever your schedule is prime
8:11be consistent with your business and your business will grow consistently
8:15okay also with anything else in life you have to motivate yourself
8:20motivate yourself write these goals down
8:23accomplish these things you can do it right down
8:27you know if you only do things where you have the answer
8:32ahead of time alright you’re going to have a
8:36a hard time adapting with your business if you already have the answer right now
8:39if you’re sitting there looking at the screen guy really answer my business
8:44pay most successful people don’t have the answer they have a path
8:47that the moving on and sometimes that path gets diverted
8:50and you have to adapt and that’s what this whole videos about is adapting
8:55taking advantage Amazon FB a alright
8:58it’s up to you to reach the limit in the sky
9:02the sky is the limit with Amazon you can you can pull into five hours a week
9:0710,000 hours a month you can make six figures next year
9:10its up to you to do that okay
9:14but you have to have the will to fight the motivation the hostel
9:17you get a good grind on guess sacrifice
9:22right get a set your mind right
9:25such a mind right sir thinking right so
9:29this is my quick little video on getting your feet wet with Amazon FB
9:32a omnibus more videos about Amazon here in the future
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