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0:00hmm in morning guys
0:04pass me as an ask me for tips on how to become a hunch Miller
0:07or something ploy so here my nine tips to number one is that
0:12and its thats obvious to you is an obvious to everyone else
0:16and this is like Sandra truly basic and retarded but I am
0:20it’s really true I is hostile to my channel is
0:24I’ll on YouTube and I wanted to find like a student our sauna
0:28recently graduated I to talk about mechanical engineering
0:31and there’s nobody is so then I made my purse
0:35I guess was my first video but I i mean my mechanical engineering video
0:39Anna is pretty big success for ticking like 30 min tonight I’m having a has
0:44like a
0:44hundred thousand years now Anna it’s a really shitty video like it’s completely
0:49really really
0:49like really she liked let’s take a moment
0:52Taylor likely khushi it is let my second video day
0:56and I notice and that video arm
1:00even know how she is maybe like 30 almost four hundred dollars now
1:04was pretty crazy sights on edge that need to be filled
1:07it was are making engineering career videos on YouTube and
1:11I didn’t see any that were like good are related little
1:14tonight that’s why I made mine and so I fill the niche
1:18another example is I have a friend who makes macaroons
1:21Anna she you know is really into that world
1:24she read a lot about to make me cringe knows how to make macarons Anna
1:28which was she notice was a on a macro in stores they were not making really
1:31unique flavors
1:32there is making me the same flavors and so a sheep
1:36find a way to make like tequila macaroons tropical fruit macaroons and
1:41Ubuntu flavors that a cease all camel al Schmidt a lot of players
1:45now the people or making because she saw that a lotta
1:49the other Macris those were just making the same players as each other yeah sure
1:52she only recently opened up first or like two months ago
1:55talked of honey and butter I it’s in Coast me said he has an area
1:59yes check it out at the actual app so too much you I is from appeared rucker
2:04throw to little manual think all that
2:07managing oneself is published in like the Harvard
2:11view and I shall create a link to in the descriptions for years print out like 10
2:17but I he talks in this thing annus essay
2:20animal it cut he says I you can only build on strengths
2:24right if you got a weakness you have to work very hard to become mediocre at it
2:28but a you build from a string you put the same after and you become
2:32actually have something us males he talks about his I figure out the way how
2:36you learn
2:37but figure out how you learn which is really important man I really thought
2:40about this
2:41but he said you know some people there from reading some people in from
2:45so he will learn from listening to themselves talk offer it took me a long
2:49time to figure this out by learn from pacing
2:51I like the pace around when I’m thinking ideas or pee on apollo
2:55so I figure how you learned is that now hopeful INR
2:59not induced Nissan play but I awesome stunning
3:03to tip number three is a stop making excuses I was
3:07a volunteer at this a event where the brown high schoolers
3:11is called yes and as the organization’s called apex is a professional exchange
3:15and house I like a discussion the year grass at a table and i helped
3:20%uh high school students like talk about cursed up
3:23and they put me at entertainment able because a I think there were
3:27worry that they want to get enough people that work in the entertainment
3:29industry the only put me in america
3:31happy to chat hope account as entertainment her or arts
3:35so they permit a stable our high school students
3:40and house on the high school students like need like start your channel now if
3:44you wanna
3:45by the way ran it back okay like killer high school now they aspire to be
3:50youtubers like my generation when we were growing up high school
3:52we’d I guess we aspire to be a celebrity it be like a
3:56with Spidey Brad Pitt or something but way
3:59the generation now as I’d like 8 14 to 18 now
4:02that one organ like entertainment they want to be youtubers
4:06is kinda crazy so last time these are high school students
4:09like dates that your channel now like now Anna
4:13on a high school students are like the King excuses because I think that’s like
4:17the age where
4:18it’s still a que no excuses excuses they’re saying things like I don’t have
4:22a good enough camera yet
4:23and all that bullshit like lucky you look at my older videos like
4:28they get my first video like the only may just go to college for like that
4:31video has made me like
4:32four hundred dollars and it looks like sheer than anything you can record
4:37like with the phone today like it’s really bad if you learn some basics with
4:41lighting and get good lighting
4:43even a they got cell phone and even today selling have a Samsung
4:47a sport whatever ash
4:50Bernama buddy how I she with this thing all the time and with proper lighting
4:54it’s actually a really good camera she’s 10 EP and everything more love story is
4:58its stock today I think a Felix Dennis and his butt the narrow to success
5:03is the I’m creating Maxim magazine mill billionaire publisher
5:07he said a think big back small Anna
5:10you acting small means you know if you wanna be YouTube star
5:13bring your first video up as soon as possible timber for
5:17is usually you’ll have to work for someone else first in most
5:20things you never want to start I remember hours on a date as goes ever
5:25gonna wanna
5:26being again but I house on a date Anna this girl was talking about how she
5:31wants to open a boba store
5:33fish at all he’s got a great ideas on what to do. like different flavors and
5:37different dreams and like alcohol
5:39over and she’s talking about like opening a post or
5:43so our ass daily have your work there bob is there before
5:47angelino niner worked at a boba place
5:50but they all have a great place to start if you ever wanna open like a boba
5:54like stories for polly were gonna like a bow place
5:57I like that a little I’ll obvious rape
6:00and then she was saying things like no I don’t want to look at a bar West or
6:04that’s like
6:04beneath me I like that’s more like high school girls are whatever
6:09some shit like rats were like college girls I don’t work in about a star
6:13they did if you ever wanna like for small II just sitting there like I can’t
6:18believe how retarded she was I just
6:19I dislike sat there for men just soaked it in a bar
6:23the level up regarding this that is
6:27I am Weiss let him bleed
6:30and health so last week
6:34hours volunteering at an event called the psych express
6:37which was this event held by the Little Tokyo Center in Los Angeles
6:41and so they rented Ali his big section
6:44Union Station I was out an area
6:47and so they had about 20 sake BS and in about 20
6:51not funny like 10 different food vendors and
6:54so I was assigned to your vendor are with Kat popped up
6:57and so they specialize in Asian cuisine
7:01an Asian desserts %uh that they were making tie popsicles which is made like
7:06you think a bunch like wrongly
7:07basically tubes and is like building and you
7:11in spin around and insiders ups
7:14rocks sea salt and ice and it freeze it
7:17like then and there speak raises people makes a loud noise and
7:21is pretty popular that day so I’m launch a program helping her with a RBI
7:25other won the corners and she told me that she had
7:3015 years experience I in the restaurant industry
7:33and seven years experience bartending and
7:37and she barely starter popped up a couple months ago
7:40so a I guess they’re starting off I was a bit
7:43and is that there is doing catering right now and usually that they’re
7:48usually at the 66
7:49Asian not market at the essence Ocala an age your Asian
7:53you probably heard of it so I was pretty cool and that just goes to show that you
7:57doesn’t matter number five is read a lot
8:01I read a lot a million as books not necessarily about becoming rich
8:06but just their books where large their biography or
8:09their likes of help book or it is there how to get rich but
8:12and on the most common trend I find among on the nurse
8:16I’m ethical millionaires in person to you is that they all read a substantial
8:20Anna if you like eighteen years on you don’t read yet are you like something
8:24you’re really at dawn
8:25don’t feel bad like I’m sorry Intel 21 or 22
8:29but then once I started reading I a guy like Madonna because as hard a benefit
8:33to relax like whoa
8:34this book change my reality I and II sorry a lot more after that so I’d
8:40recommend reading like reading can improve your skill at anything
8:44that you want to improve on I have friends that got our relationships and
8:48then are there reading
8:49relationship books %ah
8:52for me right now %ah I’m reading kami bucks
8:56like I’m reading the comedy Bible other comedy writing secrets
9:00and the fundamentals a acting and it’s actually help Maya
9:04like my comedy on the shower quite a bit so I know like
9:08traditionally been cut comedy something use are like they’re just
9:11one with it but it really depends on how you learn like something you can watch
9:14an emulated and I’m dislike do it that way but for me I like the way I learned
9:19I need the structure broken down and then
9:20our understand a lot better that has the whaler so number six
9:2416 or six is a scene everyone’s retarded
9:27on this is like actually believe I actually deeply have I like ideological
9:32like when they compare themselves first
9:34like usually compare themselves to people that are really successful
9:38and that’s that has its place because it motivates you to you a
9:41get step up to the next level but like being realistically most people are
9:45fucking retarded rate aka
9:46if you ever go to Walmart and then look at the general population
9:49like people like this is what I see when I go to Walmart I see a bunch of like a
9:5315 thirteen-year-old they’re like make abuse my life and in their pants that
9:57look like they don’t know shit about like you there
9:59and so it’s basically like I’m on a like a panda hits their fuckin job
10:03trying to raise a kid that a that probably won’t amount to anything
10:08on our badge in attics bad I mean all parenting and then on top of that this
10:13mostly what is lazy I read a book on the slight edge by Jeff Olson
10:16and he says no information is not the problem like a lot of your think
10:20a lot the reason why the not successfully because they don’t have
10:23enough information
10:24but we live in an age where there’s more information
10:27than ever like anything most things that you want to learn
10:30a is on internet now this %uh company that art
10:33by in terms like most things like learn how to do web design they had a
10:37now D editing hi polyamide most acting like most things are on an app for you
10:42to learn
10:43and yeah we have you I don’t take advantage of it so to use that your
10:48vantage right that you are taking advantage
10:49up all the information that’s available to them also killed today like waste
10:53time like no other I i kno
10:55a lotta girls like bitch other boyfriend like you spend so much time on legal
10:59legends right are you spent so much time playing Kadiri
11:02but then I see what girls like waste their time on they spend like
11:05four hours on tumbler or four hours on Instagram play area
11:09guys and girls have their huge time wasters sewers and every also wasting
11:14the time records on opportunity over
11:16surpassing my I really I’ll a gmail it if you want to know how retarded the
11:20general population is dis gone like Facebook for one hour and school do what
11:23the ship your post bikes are some people on my facebook friends like
11:27acquaintances but ice you sleeping like they the full time job must be like
11:31posting she on Facebook because
11:32like every hour so they post like it be like
11:36and a bar article like cat jumping on a couch
11:39the next in a post on our leaders like inspirational call like work hard play
11:44annexing no posts like assault be like their daily the general population like
11:47really fucking retarded like that the general population
11:50so there’s an I motivational speakers aims are times I was in Isanti look at
11:53things like
11:54great successor 6 keys to success is only meant but I he says I I’m allergic
11:58to average
11:59said a million times
12:01listen to me I’m allergic are you hear me
12:03I’m allergic to average Anna
12:07I’d like the same way I see people that our average I just don’t want to be
12:11their friend
12:12and is not Islamic presiding there like kind people in their carrot leek and
12:16but then I see they base one average life and I’m afraid
12:20the average life will rub off on me yeah and and also like i James I’ll teacher
12:25and his wife cloudy outer
12:26other come out a book on the power male I listen to the podcast
12:30and basically to sum it up it’s like the to say no to things
12:34that you know are bad for you like inner thoughts are that about fewer people are
12:37about to you
12:38and I am for me recently I to say no to things like it one I’m 26 so then
12:44you know when you’re young you wanna me people in the open minded and me also to
12:47there are 26 you feel like you have a good idea like I as per cent is this not
12:52like benefit me in any way now they should have a friend only to benefit
12:56your friends that make you feel good are up with you and stuff like that right so
13:00yep sits on that the you know it’s gonna let’s bring you down
13:03or like make you dumber than say no so number seven
13:06%ah I’m our you’re gonna regret listen to this
13:10but I it’s actually a good you’ve got mail stop thinking
13:13okay so number seven is every dime you spend
13:17should have a our ally our return on investment I’m across ninety I really
13:21successful industrial engineer back at wellstone school
13:24yes Sheila ads have a live in the same apartment complex as I did
13:27and I he said a cannot see me were talking and he’s like me almost rich
13:32have zero dollars in the bank outlook appears I like why do they had zero
13:35dollars they have in stock or something
13:37and well that’s the last 1i was zillion almost which blood zero dollars in the
13:42bank because
13:43there they invest in a something else so here’s an industrial engineer
13:47any by any extra money he would have he would buy cars
13:51for cars like buy and sell cars I’m sure yet some money in the bank by the way
13:54this is a
13:55over exaggeration but our that I really stuck with me because
14:00pretty much any money sitting your bank that you’re not using
14:03is money being wasted but it’s really hard because you know when you’re young
14:06you don’t know what to
14:07spend money on really down right
14:10its yearly down I think when I was like 18 I spent a lot of money on my protein
14:14shakes in creating
14:15like I E in retrospect I probably should spend those on platinum learning
14:19thinks Adam you know if your if you been born a race to be consumer by consumer
14:23brands like
14:24they just work a normal job and then every month every dollar they spend is
14:28on consumer products %ah this have it is going to be
14:31really hard to build up is really hard for me to build up I because
14:35you know I come from consumer brands they just working I’m a job any buy
14:38I think the first time I really spend money on
14:42my channel my youtube channel eyeball eighty dollar webcam
14:45at to me about like three months of thinking before actually buy it because
14:49I was afraid of wasting
14:50eighty dollars in retrospect I should’ve
14:54like but eighty dollars webcam right away so I would start my challenge three
14:58earlier but that I like too much meat as I like is it worth it
15:02should I buy the webcam and even like with the
15:05camera by now I was a lot faster with buying it because
15:09are you have a track record of making money for my channel so I figured you
15:13I’m attracted to make making money on its gonna pay off
15:16pressure and with the new camera even upon out like
15:20is like some hundred dollars altogether with the memory card in there tripod
15:23but only take me I 2 weeks are to say about two weeks thinking
15:26was way past the right so again it’s something that you build up gradually as
15:30he built like more trusting yourself that you will make the money back as you
15:33spend more money
15:34timor 8 is a
15:37something I got from curse Chris Columbia and the 100 on startup he said
15:43I care for sale
15:44on the way as soon as possible and he said that’s when it goes from idea
15:49to realization and this is something that really helped me a lot
15:52when I read it %uh this book because I think when I start charging for a
15:57worker consulting II
15:59was not sure if people would buy like an idea like nobody else sells career
16:04advising sessions like that’s not being
16:05I S my some people might but most filing most people don’t sulk revising sessions
16:11only share like if people buy it had value
16:15but I he said not just sell it priced cheap as possible like have a
16:20have like a grand opening sale thing
16:23and charge really low and so like I started like 15 dollars
16:27a session which is like which was less than
16:30as much as I was getting paid as engineer at the time like is
16:34sucks on dollars less than some dollars an hour like less than welcome pairs
16:38but I just did it because I just for my sake I wonder CRM
16:43is possible to sell sessions and then emerge you
16:46%ah you know I enjoy a and I’m one engineering work you know it’s like act
16:50like I’m helping someone
16:51also another thing I learned from his bike is that you know
16:54we often hear about Mike to make a startup company in like venture
16:58and likes them like that you need like capital funding are some really good
17:02but I in his book on he argues that
17:05if you start on your own and most start-up start with a hundred dollars a
17:11and he and the key references like a lot of different stories other people
17:15starting up their own companies with 100 dollars less
17:17so number nine I’ll all and with a quelle prom Felix Dennis the guy
17:21remain max magazine he’s a billionaire from publishing
17:24says a if you wish to be rich
17:27you must grow campus a mental armor nasa biggest a blind you to our constructive
17:33and advice especially from those he trusts nor cheap Dec
17:36to cut off family and friends an innocuous another quote that I really
17:43if you’re unwilling to fail sometimes publicly
17:46and even catastrophically he said very little chance of ever getting rich
17:51this by the number one thing I see I would
17:56blocking people from starting their own thing is like the fear failure
18:00pretty much it is like a lot I’m still rationalizes same things like I like I
18:04don’t have enough capital yet arellano experience
18:08or I’m a time I don’t know I don’t have enough time despite a number one excuse
18:13like I hear like I’m not I’m
18:15by really its it’s not us on our time is an Arab
18:19on despite being paid to fill especially failure and people
18:23looking at your failure does i mean you guys I hope you guys like it
18:26nine-a tips on becoming some point and coming arch
18:30your our study on business tell me we s think
18:33up the steps and thus comments below and
18:37yellow Alesha also leave you be ideas that have them if you guys want to apply
18:44been you on college debt you click on this video an a-hole
18:48palatable popcorn a lot not video an idea is watching my video
18:54where all rate this I’m economy culture video
18:57because I’m such a white night house the ethnic them