7 Instagram Tips For Growing And Marketing Your Business On Instagram


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0:00the I was going on and a brown hear from mines at marketing and money
0:03get a quick marketing hack video for you today
0:07and it’s about Instagram K I really good enough for one month
0:11newsletter subscribers that you want to know how you can grow his
0:14Instagram followers alright so maybe the surgeon
0:17so morally gets worn your actual on social media sites
0:20so on and so forth so it’s Instagram’s great strategy
0:23use to further market and brand your business get the word out about your
0:28Lindsey Graham is a social media site we share pictures is mostly done through
0:33mobile applications so like
0:35your smartphone or an iPad or something like that
0:39okay so the person using get the Instagram at okay
0:43arm and download on your smartphone your iPhone where you had
0:47already set up your profile okay he’s a loser
0:51user profile other something called by
0:54okay this is basically
0:57about you and now if your marketing a business
1:01Ryan network marketing company your affiliate marketing offer
1:05your networker are you don’t want to use that bio
1:08area to your advantage so you want to create headline
1:12in the lineup you
1:16want to create all the action I bit someone
1:20clip Khaliq they’ve put your buyer
1:24you know headline CTA Lake
1:27in your body okay at this link should be legally
1:30page we can capture leave someone checked out by I know why are they going
1:35to check your pop-up
1:36lets the next day would you have you buy a new username setup and everything like
1:40that you can actually start posting pictures
1:47so look at pictures you want post a comment row
1:50your home base right one I’m
1:53post inspirational pictures
1:58up work quotes occasion Islam
2:03on Facebook great pictures that are quotes in pictures with really nice
2:07beach maybe a quote or really inspirational saying
2:11I’m sick you know saying about success right to use inspirational quote
2:16we call these me to use meetings a
2:19one-year post that you pictures that you post
2:23a second picture type is you know if you
2:27hold best or if you’re attending events
2:31yeah like conferences are networking events
2:34or business events or networking events but you can take pictures at the event
2:39you’re attending
2:40and post them I’ll as well pacts
2:43third unit do lifestyle
2:50cases Italy give your followers in a few
2:54who you are they were you enjoy so maybe your
2:57maybe you’re traveling the world thank you can post pictures /a the various
3:00places that you go
3:01maybe enjoy the beach you can post pictures at the beach
3:04%uh mountains you’re never writer hikers so on and so forth
3:08you get the idea life pictures and the fourth then
3:12is you can post
3:15better teams that videos
3:19and I love to do this okay this isn’t that that is a lot of time
3:23but if you work and you can really get a good message across
3:28in a 15-second video so maybe it’s an inspirational message maybe it’s a
3:32tip for the day maybe it’s just something really funny that you were
3:35able to shoot
3:36okay so these are the type who things but I will post
3:40with my Instagram account okay know what makes this
3:44what makes these pictures I guess or viral and to get
3:49followers write the next thing to make that happen
3:53is tax K hash tags right
3:58Nash said
4:01you guys have probably seen this before right it’s this with media word after
4:05so you know success redhead
4:09and marketing alone
4:13passion him entrepreneur right you get the idea
4:19you could google go into Google
4:23and search popular hash tags
4:26on Instagram I and that means other people are posting pictures
4:32with the ashtec’s right so you post pictures with popular Cash
4:36tax me that people are also posting pictures up at what these popular hash
4:41other one that you post there you see your stuff their star
4:45following you start liking your pictures
4:48and then they’re gonna go right perhaps check that your bio
4:52right review headline will call the action
4:55in the clip to your link and mileages generate another
5:00another leavin and another said okay
5:03so you want to make sure that every picture were video
5:07right the issue you wanna have a hash tag
5:10alongside the picture I recommend multiple hash tag so you should do
5:16a Wilson was about 5% cash tax
5:19her picture right so I was taking a picture and inspirational quote
5:23you know you can check success estate marketing
5:26on Japan or maybe hash tag
5:29inspiration right
5:33about Google im popular Asha you’ll see what people other people ashtec
5:38some people follow somebody cash-strapped
5:41and so do by you can actually do areas too so
5:45sometimes I’m in New York so we do I’ll do hash tag York
5:49or ashtec my silly I’m trying to get some local followership
5:53okay so let’s hash tag now the next thing
5:57right to really take this off is social media
6:01right you little
6:06now only gonna post the pictures on Instagram Instagram gives you an option
6:10right to post that same picture on facebook twitter
6:13and tumbler okay and shall make sure you share your pictures
6:17with the hash tags right to all those social media sites as well
6:21you can also added you know ’em
6:26injures right a horrible
6:29right Pinterest to be a great want action shows pictures with
6:32represents another picture social sharing picture site and that’s it
6:37so bio rightly so Instagram profile
6:40headline call to action Lake right
6:43start posting pictures inspirational quotes bez lifestyle
6:47fifteen-second videos are you want to mix this up so it’s
6:50she get a variety of different things and you don’t want to make it all about
6:54business either
6:55K mix it up with people see your personal side
6:58about going to discover who you are right and hash tags
7:02popular hash tags each picture video that you post
7:06%uh also shows pictures across social media
7:09to guarantee you if you do that every day a couple times a day
7:13right will start getting routine five to ten you Instagram followers a day
7:18and a problem generates a lease a.m. along the way as well
7:22so hope you like that short little change video this is Dave Brown for
7:26months marketing and money
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7:53alright take care thanks for watching we’ll see you next time