5 Way to Ensure You Snag That Legal Position


The legal field seems to be one of the most interesting when it comes to job hunting, but, given the good pay, competition can be pretty stiff. It therefore means that it’s not easy to land a legal job, and even more difficult to land one that you really want.

Legal Job Interview
Legal Job Interview

If you are job-hunting in the legal field, it is crucial for you to know how to go about it, and be clever and deliberate with the process. With a little hard work and know-how, it can be easier than you think, so with that in mind, here are five tips for filling vacant legal positions that will guide you through finding your dream job:

1. Online Postings – Legal jobs can be found through an online network, normally posted through websites. What makes the legal network online more interesting – and perhaps more frustrating – is the fact that they are not limiting you to your geographical location. Supposing you want a job in the legal field, networking online should be your friend, but not your only source. Online portals offer you a chance to apply more than one or two times, because there are different yet multiple legal vacancies that have been posted online, but the downside is that employers rarely rely on these solely to hire for vacancies.

2. Hire a headhunter – This is the single best piece of advice: you should hire a headhunter. A headhunter offers guidance when you’re looking for that legal job, acting as liaison between you, the candidate, and the employer seeking to fill a vacancy. What is more, a good headhunter will be up on what that particular employer is looking for in the interview, and so can provide you with invaluable counsel. They’re able to look at your background and credentials, and place you somewhere they know you’ll not only be hired, but thrive. In short: it’s a good career move.

Legal Job
Legal Job

3. Be qualified – If you reside in Toronto, legal positions obviously come with qualifications requirements, because if there’s anywhere where a half-baked candidate is likely to do damage, it’s in the legal field (well, actually, the medical field would be pretty bad too!) Legal positions in Toronto demand a lot from you as a candidate. Your academic credentials must voice your ability to practice, so as you are job seeking, ensure that you have the right qualifications.

4. Prepare for the interview – While job hunting, it is important to remember that the determining factor is the interview. You should familiarize yourself with the questions that the interviewer is likely to ask, which, as mentioned, is something a headhunter can help with immensely. A headhunter will ensure that you are equipped with the basics of answering questions, as well as the nuances of that particular employer.

5. Prepare your resume – Your CV speaks volumes about your focus and ability to deliver; it is a reflection of your capabilities through your experiences. Focus on revamping your resume through professional CV shapers, or, again, ask your headhunter for tips.