3 Ways To Motivate Your Staff After Buying A New Franchise


Purchasing a franchise can be a great opportunity to own and run your own business. Not only can it be financially rewarding, becoming a franchisee is ideal for those who have had little business experience. That’s because you’ll be purchasing a model that has proven to be successful in other locations.

Purchase A Franchise
Purchase A Franchise

However, this doesn’t mean every franchise will be as successful as the last. Learning to hire, manage and motivate your employees is crucial to your business success. Customer service is key to owning a thriving business and that greatly relies on the quality and dedication of your employees.

Just remember when you were an employee. It’s likely you achieved more when you were in a job you loved than one you hated. You probably also worked harder for the manager or owner who showed interest and valued you as an employee. As a result, you most likely had a positive attitude when dealing with customers or others in your team.

The attitude and success of employees greatly extends from the top. A manager or owner who is positive and motivating are much more likely to build a strong team that is inspired to achieve more for the business. The results in a better financial outlook for you, so putting in the effort to keep you employees happy is well worth it!

Here are 3 ways you can motivate the staff of your franchise:

Extensive Training
Extensive Training

1. Provide extensive training from the outset

One of the key benefits of buying a franchise is that all the hard work of building the business model has been completed for you. All the kinks have been ironed out and the structure has been trialled several times before being offered as a franchise.

Typically, the franchisor will provide extensive training to the new franchisee and one other person, such as a spouse or manager. It’s then over to you to carry out the training of your employees. It’s vital you don’t skimp on the training for the success for your business and for your employee’s confidence.

Employees want to be equipped with the best information and skills to carry out their role effectively. Avoid training them properly and they’ll feel like they’ve been thrown under the bus. This will result in customer complaints, low self-esteem and resentment that you haven’t shown them the respect or time to provide them with the knowledge they need.

Continue training your staff throughout their employment. This will help increase their skillset and provide them with a greater sense of security that they’re a valued member of your team.

Employee Recognition
Employee Recognition

2. Give recognition to those who excel

Any successful business, franchise or not, relies on a positive cultural and moral. As an employee, if you don’t enjoy your job or get along well with other staff members, you’re not going to be motivated to kick any career goals.

Giving recognition to those who have excelled in their position is one of the easiest ways you can motivate your staff to keep up the great work. That could be simply praising them while they’re on the job or at your regular team meetings.

You could go one step further and offer financial bonuses for those who are doing a great job. Shout them for a lunch or give them a voucher to another local business or restaurant.

If you want to build moral around a team, have some fun with a competition like who can sell the most of a product or sign up the most customers in a specific period. If the prize is worthwhile, this will help encourage your staff to work together and perform at a higher standard.

Benefit The Employee
Benefit The Employee

3. Create opportunities to climb the ladder

Some employees will be content with working in the same or similar positions day in and day out. Others want to feel like they’re building a career and have ambitious goals to climb a company ladder. As a franchisee, you should foster this and let your staff know there is room for them to grow within the business.

Those who want to develop will work harder knowing that they can be rewarded with the opportunity to be promoted. This may require you to make a new position within your business or funnel their skills into another area.

If your employees know they can develop their career and become an integral part of your business, they’ll be more motivated to work harder and achieve more. They’ll become an asset which will benefit the employee and your business.

Remember, a franchise is only as successful as the customer service they provide. The key to great customer service is the team that keeps your business running day-to-day, so it’s worth putting the effort in to keep them motivated long-term.