3 Awesome T-Shirt Ideas For Grad Night


Grad night is fast approaching here in Toronto, and seniors are getting ready by buying their suits and dresses, renting limos and planning parties. All for one of the most important milestones in their lives. It’s a night to remember, for sure, and everything about it ought to be just right. But when the formal portion of the evening is over, and the ceremony dies down, you don’t want to stay in your stiff dress or buttoned-up suit – you want to get into some more comfortable grad gear.

Planning early, you and your grade-mates can get high quality custom t shirts for everyone. Not only will these shirts be awesome for grad night, but they’ll be mementos that you can keep for years to come. Here are three awesome ideas for grad t-shirts that you and everyone in your grade can order for the big night.

Grad T-shirts
Grad T-shirts

The Joke T-Shirt

First up in the tour of popular grad t-shirts is the joke t-shirt. Rather than simply put “Grad 2018”, you can inject a bit of humour here with slogans like, “Finally Free”, “Kiss My Class”, “Straight Outta High School” (In the style of Straight Outta Compton, of course!), or “The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle”. You could also poll your classmates for what they want to see most on the t-shirt – whether it’s a meme or a picture, a slogan or a logo. This is your opportunity to get silly with the idea of graduating, to slough off the formal aspects of grad night and go for something more playful.

The Athletics Style

This is more of your classic style: chunky, bolded text in the style of sportswear. The traditional options here are, simply, “Class of 2018”, “Grad 2018”, or the name of your school along with the former. You can mix it up a little by adding your school mascot or logo, or you can go for a minimalist text design. The benefit of this style of shirt is that it will appeal to the broadest array of people, which, if you have a large grad class, might be wise. It also might age a little better than the other two options on the list.

Custom T-shirts
Custom T-shirts

The Tux T-shirt

This one is as much for the women as it is for the gentlemen. Once you’ve hung up those stuffy dresses and suits, you might still want to look elegant, and there’s no funnier way of doing that than the infamous tux t-shirt. Historically the shirt of choice for 90s bachelor parties and slackers making a joke, the tux t-shirt is due for a revival. It’s a sly way of saying: “I’m dressed up enough to pose for pictures, but dressed down enough to party”.

The end of June is fast approaching, which means that it’s time to put in those t-shirt orders. Whether you go for the funny t-shirt, the classic athletic shirt or the always popular t-shirt tux, one thing is for sure: you and your classmates will cherish it for decades to come.